Super Bowl Bound!

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Ray, Buck, M&M and I will give our predictions of who will hoist the Lombardi Trophy on Super Bowl Sunday! This is a rematch of a few years back when Eli and the Giants ended the Patriots dream season of going undefeated.

Will we see a repeat of that with the Giants winning it all again?
Or will Tom Brady redeem himself and avenge the loss heard around the world?

Straight sports talk, Zone Coverage style, on #T2Q!

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Gay: Born That Way or Lifestyle?

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We're joined by a guest who is new to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show: Harriet Thugman will be representing the LGBTQ community. We will discuss a few issues that need to be talked about if we're ever going to get everyone on the same page when it comes to equality:

Is being gay instilled at birth or learned behavior?
Do gay rights compare to civil rights of the 60's?
What constitutes a homophobe?
Why the influx of "studs?"

All of these topics and more on #T2Q!


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Can You Be Provoked To Cheat?

Join me as I talk to Charmaine, host of the BTR show, The Relationship Party, as we discuss relationship topics! We'll discuss the following:

Can a person be provoked to cheat?

How do you deal with an unsupportive mate?

We'll discuss her book, "Bait to Get Your Mate" and more! 

Straight relationship talk on #T2Q!

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Let's Talk About Sex IV w/ ManEater, Lady T & Jewels

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It's back! Join me and three ladies as we discuss sex uncensored! Sex tapes - would you make one (or have you made one?) Is sexting sexy? Where's the best place to have sex? Would you visit a legal brothel if no one knew? Should everyone have at least one one-night stand?

These topics and more as we have straight sex talk on #T2Q!

(scroll down for our featured guest list)
Jewels from NaughtyNothing
Angie from
Lady T

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