Thursday, May 30, 2013

Be My Guest & Promote Yourself!

Open dates: June 24th, 25th, July 7th and 9th.
Here's your chance to be a guest on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  All you have to do is e-mail me at Talk2QNow at and let me know what you want to discuss.  It's just that simple!

As of late, I've really had a lot of guests that I've interviewed and they've all been enjoyable.  I've spoken with actresses, models, writers, life coaches, relationship experts and just everyday people who have something to say.

Please don't think that you have to have a fancy title to your name to be on the show.  All I want is something that will spark a dialogue.  So, don't worry if you're unemployed or you've never done anything significant in your life.  As long as you have a good topic that promotes conversation, then I want to hear about it!

Also, for those who are radio shy, but wish to promote something there's still an opportunity for you.  If you have an upcoming event, then e-mail me and let me know.  I'll allow you to come on for a few minutes and promote it!  Tell the world about it free of charge!  (Eventually, I may start requiring that you be a sponsor of the show in order to promote, but for now, I'll give you a few minutes to promote free of charge.)

However, if you want to be a guest and / or come on to promote something, then your only requirement will be that you promote your appearance on social networks.  That means posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. about your upcoming appearance on the show.  That brings me a new audience as well as insure that you'll have the comfort of knowing your fans are listening to you.

E-mail me now at Talk2QNow at to be a guest!

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