Friday, March 11, 2016

Who Was Jack The Ripper?

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Who was Jack the Ripper?

Duration: 44 mins.

We discuss one of the most famous serial killers of all-time, Jack the Ripper, and a convention that was created to discuss the unsolved mystery around him and more. I welcome Christopher George (Baltimore, MD) and Robert Anderson (New York) to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show podcast.

I'm joined by two gentleman who have taken the discussions about a mysterious serial killer from the late 1800's and have built that into a convention that some of you can attend April 8th-10th in Baltimore, Maryland.

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"Jack the Ripper" is the popular name given to a serial killer who killed a number of prostitutes in the East End of London in 1888. The name originates from a letter written by someone who claimed to be the killer published at the time of the murders. He was not the first serial killer, but he was probably the first to appear in a large metropolis at a time when the general populace had become literate and the press was a force for social change.

The press was also partly responsible for creating many myths surrounding the Ripper and ended up turning a sad killer of women into a "bogey man", who has now become one of the most romantic figures in history. The Ripper was never caught and it is the mysteries surrounding this killer that both add to the romance of the story and creating an intellectual puzzle that people still want to solve.

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