Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#T2Q: Apr. 5th, 2016 - Religious Freedom, Clubbing Parent, & Texas Jails

Tue., Apr. 5th @ 9 PM Eastern.  
How soon should you club after having a baby?

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Today, Mississippi governor, Phil Bryant, signed House Bill 1523.  It's been dubbed the "Religious Freedom Bill" as it was designed to essentially "protect" people from government interference at the refusal to go against their religious beliefs.  An example of that is a church refusing to host a wedding for a gay couple.

Do we really know what's in the bill or is everyone just doing like the media and speculating based on certain talking points?  We'll discuss that tonight!

There was a recent incident with singer Ne-Yo and his wife, Crystal Renay.  A week after she gave birth, she took photos of her partying with her friends.

She was criticized on social media for doing so soon after child birth.  Is there a certain time period one must wait after child birth to "get their groove on"?  We'll discuss!

In Texas, the private prisons want to set up video chatting to eliminate the need for prison guards who watch face-to-face visits.  They want to charge $1 per minute to video chat with a prisoner.  Is that taking advantage of the citizens (especially since most jailed relatives probably come from poverty)?  Should it be optional instead of the only way a family can communicate with someone who is locked up?

These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

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