Thursday, April 28, 2016

ZC: #NFL Draft '16 Simulcast

Thu., Apr. 28th @ 8 PM Eastern.  
Who is going where?

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The Show Legends and I give our two cents as the first round of the NFL draft unfolds. As the picks are made, we'll chime in with our thoughts on the player, how he hurts/helps the team, and more!

  • Did the Rams give up too much for the #1 pick? 
  • Are the Eagles just as stupid for giving up what they did for the #2 pick? 
  • What will the Panthers do now that Josh Norman is gone? 
  • Do the Broncos have a plan to replace Peyton Manning with a viable QB? 
We'll see what happens as the Draft is broken down on Zone Coverage. "Talk sports from the couch!"
Scheduled for 180 mins.

Show No. 594

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