Tuesday, May 31, 2016

#T2Q 5.31.16 - Gorillas/Zoos & Snoop Dogg vs. Roots!

Tue., May 31st @ 9 PM Eastern.  
Did the zoos make the correct call to kill their animals in recent incidents?

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Zoo animal attacks

Within the past couple of weeks, there have been two incidents involving zoo animals. A man attempted to commit suicide by jumping in a lion enclosure. A 3 year old child fell into a gorilla enclosure. Both resulted in animals being killed. Did the zoo take the best course of action of resolving both incidents. Was there something else they could have done to save both people without harming the animals?

Snoop & Roots

Snoop Dogg sounded off about being sick of seeing slave movies/shows (like "Roots").  He says that America is not allowing us to forget slavery and that we need to be discussing successful black people.  Is his statement fair or foul?

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Show No. 603

Scheduled for 60 mins.

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