Tuesday, June 14, 2016

#T2Q 6.14.16 - Another Shooting That Politicians Will Ignore

Tue., Jun. 14th @ 9 PM Eastern.   
Another shooting.  What now? 

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This weekend, there was another mass shooting in the U.S. Orlando was hit hard twice this weekend by shooters. Voice singer, Christina Grimmie, was shot in killed in Orlando by what some describe as a deranged fan.

And the biggest news of the weekend was some idiot, who will remain nameless, who shot up a nightclub and killed 50 people.

What will be the end result of this? Absolutely nothing. A lot of talking and nothing done. The White House will regurgitate the usual rhetoric. The talking heads on news TV will trot out their "experts" to argue over the next week. Yet nothing will be done to stop automatic weapons from being sold to anyone who wants one.

And where are the stories about the shootings that occur in Chicago on the daily basis?

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