#T2Q 6.7.16 - Stanford Rapist & Parenting Techniques!

Tue., Jun. 7th @ 9 PM Eastern.
Is 6 months ample jail time for 3 felonies? 

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The father of a Stanford University swimmer, who was sentence only 6 months for sexual assault, said that he thought that his son's prison sentence was too harsh. 20 year old Brock Turner was convicted of 3 felonies after "Pill Cosby-ing" a woman, yet only got 2 months a piece for them, How do you feel about the judge's decision on the sentence and the dad's comments after the trial?

Getting children to do chores

How do you handle day-to-day parenting for your children when it comes to their chores? Do you give them the respect that you would an adult or do you have more of a milatary approach? If you want your kids to clean something, do you ask them or do you command them?

We'll discuss these things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions."

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