Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NFL Week 2 2016

Wednesday, Sept. 21st @ 9 PM Eastern.  
Who would have thought that the Chargers would be competitive this year?  Not me!

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Another week is in the books as the NFL concludes Week 2 of its season.  The Cowboys got over on the Skins.  What's going on with Kirk Cousins?  He looks off this year and I wonder if the pressure of playing for a contract is getting to him.

The Steelers show the Bengals that they're still the dominant team in the AFC North.  Despite Antonio Brown having an off day, the Steelers pretty much controlled the game.  DeAngelo Williams has proven invaluable as Le'Veon Bell finishes his last week of suspension.

The Patriots are down to their #3 QB as Jimmy Garoppolo hurts his shoulder in their win over the Phins.  What now as they wait on Brady to return?  And what's going on in Seattle as Russell Wilson and the crew not being able to score points?

All of these things and more as Zone Coverage returns to T2Q!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

Show No. 633

Scheduled for 90-100 mins.

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