Wednesday, October 26, 2016

#NFL Week 7 2016

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The last undefeated team has gone down.

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There were some not so exciting games this weekends and some exciting games.  Although it wasn't the best football played this weekend, we're starting to sort out the good teams from the bad as we close in on the mid-season point of 2016.

The Eagles defense made Sam Bradford's homecoming a bigger nightmare than Carrie's as they took it to the returning QB.  Minnesota has some serious problems on offense and can't always rely on their defense to bail them out.  Coach Zimmer is going to have to find a way for them to generate points before Adrian Peterson returns.

Detroit is back in the conversation of a playoff contender as they won their 3rd straight game by defeating the Skins.  Are the Skins in trouble?  Kirk Cousins definitely didn't "like that" L he took on Sunday.

San Diego has also turned their season around.  They've gone from a team who blows big leads to a team that overcomes big leads.  They did a number on the Falcons in Atlanta to move to 3-4.  Keep in mind that their 4 losses are by a total of 16 points.

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