Q-on-1 w/Author Victoria Bolton

Friday, Sept. 30th @ 12 PM Eastern.  
It's me and the award-winning author in a 1-on-1 conversation!

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I enjoyed my conversation with Ms. Victoria Bolton about her Rude Boy trilogy of books and you will, too!

The Pacific Book award winner gives the listeners insight on the characters and story lines in her books.  We discuss her idea to write the books and some of the work involved in self-publishing.

Here's Victoria in her own words:

"I am the author of the Rude Boy USA Series, the first installment which was published in December 2015. The positive response to the series from readers all over the world has been an honor. I’m looking forward to bringing you new stories in the future. 

I am a single gal who writes novels and works during the day for little money. If you would have told me that I would be doing this when I was younger, I would have said that you were crazy. 

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be married with three kids, own a cat, be a nurse and a astronaut but that did not come true. I used to wear glasses and I freak out at the sight of too much blood. 

The writing part is cool and very rewarding. It has changed my life for the better and for that I am forever grateful."

What started as a 10-15 minute interview reached 40+ minutes as I found myself wanting to pick her brain for more information on her product and her methods to create!

Get her books on Amazon here!

Victoria Bolton's website
Victoria Bolton's Twitter

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Start with Book One

Q-on-1 with @MrGrimezReal

Thursday, Sept. 29th @ 12 PM Eastern. 
The Poet Warrior is back on T2Q!

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It's been a year, but he's back!  Mr. Grimez, reppin' the UK, returns to the show to discuss the new phase to his talents.  He's added music to his spoken word and has a new project in the works.  We discuss what's going on in the spoken word scene overseas and how he's changed his approach and his appearance!  We'll also get into his preparation before a performance.

His song, "Battle Mask" will debut on the show, so be sure to stay tuned until the end of the show to check it out.  It's available on iTunes and more!

See what the spoken word artist has been doing over the past calendar year.

Mr Grimez Poet Warrior- Twitter 
Mr Grimez Poet Warrior- YouTube Channel

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NFL Week 3 2016

Wednesday, September 28th @ 9 PM Eastern.  
What has gotten into the Eagles???  They look "Invincible"!

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Another week is in the books as the NFL concludes Week 3 of its season. The Cowboys got over on the Bears in a major way.  The Bears have a ton of injuries and don't look like they'll be doing much competing this season.

The Eagles did a number on the Steelers in surprising fashion!  I'm not sure if Eagles fans expected a 34-3 shellacking of the Steelers.

The Rams raised some eye brows with an impressive win over a pretty decent Bucs team.  The Vikings are the real deal as they made Cam Newton look dumber than his outfits.

All of these things and more as Zone Coverage returns to T2Q! "Talk sports from the couch!"

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No Show Tonight :(

There's no show tonight, people!

I'll be checking out my god son's last home football game of the year. You know that I have to support the kiddos!

Again, the show will take the tonight off, but I will return with new current event and relationship topics and next week!

If there's something that you wish to hear discussed on the show, then feel free to leave comments below with topic suggestions!

Zone Coverage will still air tomorrow on September 28th at 9 PM Eastern Time!  Be there!

In the meantime, check out my latest blog post, "STOP SHOOTING BLACK MEN!!!!" here!

5 Tips That Make Relationships Work

Monday, Sept. 26th @ 12 PM Eastern.  
We are born into this world as selfish beings.  

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A baby wants to do what he/she wants when he/she wants to do it.  They will cry when they can't have their way.  Over time, they are taught to appreciate and love those who have their best interest at heart.  Until society teaches them otherwise.

Is making a relationship work as difficult as most people make it out to be?  It's two people who love being together more than they love being apart.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Well, not so fast, Speedy Gonzales.  The hardest part of a relationship is finding someone with the same level of commitment that you have.  The same mindset.  The same goals in mind.

You can't control what others do, but there are some things that you can do to ensure that you're holding up your end of things.

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NFL Week 2 2016

Wednesday, Sept. 21st @ 9 PM Eastern.  
Who would have thought that the Chargers would be competitive this year?  Not me!

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Another week is in the books as the NFL concludes Week 2 of its season.  The Cowboys got over on the Skins.  What's going on with Kirk Cousins?  He looks off this year and I wonder if the pressure of playing for a contract is getting to him.

The Steelers show the Bengals that they're still the dominant team in the AFC North.  Despite Antonio Brown having an off day, the Steelers pretty much controlled the game.  DeAngelo Williams has proven invaluable as Le'Veon Bell finishes his last week of suspension.

The Patriots are down to their #3 QB as Jimmy Garoppolo hurts his shoulder in their win over the Phins.  What now as they wait on Brady to return?  And what's going on in Seattle as Russell Wilson and the crew not being able to score points?

All of these things and more as Zone Coverage returns to T2Q!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

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More Relationship Scenarios!

Tuesday, Sept. 20th @ 9 PM Eastern.  
Give your answer to some of the craziest, real life relationship questions!

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Tonight, I give my Show Legends (and those brave enough to call) 10 questions of some common and some weird relationship scenarios.
A lot of us find ourselves having to make decisions that could change our relationships for the better or for the worst.  Just how much thought do we take in making some of these decisions?

I ask some questions to provoke thought and get the perspectives of my listeners to see how they handle things like:

  • Spouses staying out late.
  • Using an EBT card on a 1st date.
  • Sex tapes and more!

Join the fun by calling (347) 202-0215, following the questions/answers on Twitter by using #T2Q, or friend me on Facebook at Thank Que and respond there.

All of this and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

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NFL Week 1 2016

Aired Tuesday, September 13th @ 9 PM Eastern.  
The football season has kicked off for 2016! 

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Denver handles Carolina in a Super Bowl rematch with a brand new QB. What does that mean for Carolina? Are they not as good as they think? The new and improved Oakland Raiders went into a hostile Superdome and stole one from the New Orleans Saints. Is this a sign that the Raiders have turned the corner? Carson Wentz goes HAM against RG3 and the Browns. Is RG3 done? Dak Prescott has his debut ruined by a boneheaded play at the end of the game.  What changes does Dallas need to make?

Also on the podcast:

  • Do you play Russell Wilson in Week 2 with a sprained ankle?
  • Do you dress Jared Goff next week if you're the Rams?
  • Is SF good or were the Rams just that bad?

All of this and more as Zone Coverage dives deep into NFL talk!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

Show No. 631

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2016 NFL Predictions

Who do you have in Super Bowl LI?

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It's that time!  The wait is over!  The 2016 NFL Season kicks off tomorrow with a rematch of Super Bowl L between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

On this show, the Show Legends and I will make our predictions on who we think will win it all this season.

We'll make predictions on some of the following:

  • Coach of the Year
  • Division Winners
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Super Bowl winners and more!
It's one of the biggest shows of the year and I'm sure we'll use the entire 3 hours to hash it out!  Zone Coverage returns to T2Q!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

Show No. 630

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How Do You Handle Divorce?

Tuesday, Sept. 6th @ 9 PM Eastern  
Do you know some of the things you should not do when seeking a divorce?

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We've discussed how to make relationships and marriages work here on T2Q, but I'm not sure if we've looked at things from the other side.  The divorce side.

So much goes into leaving a marriage.  In fact, it's actually more than getting into a marriage.  Finances are usually the main concern, especially for the men.  We always seem to be the one who loses the home and have to shell out the dough.  Custody is also an issue if kids are involved.  Again, men usually get the short end of the stick, even if they can provide a better living.

But, this show isn't going to be a he vs. she type of deal.  We're going to be discussing certain aspects of a divorce such as:

  • What do you do as far as dating goes when you're in the middle of a divorce?
  • What is the benefit of a separation and does it ever work towards rekindling the marriage?
  • At what point do you tell the kids about you divorcing your spouse?
These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

Show No. 629

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