#NFL Week 12 2016

Wed., Nov. 30th @ 9 PM Eastern.  
Seattle and Denver both slip.

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Another week in the books as the NFL approaches the time of the year teams are scrambling to get into playoff contention.  There were quite a few interesting games last week and a few upcoming that should draw a lot of attention as well.

As for last week, the Lions took sole control of first place by giving the Vikes a Thanksgiving surprise.  They've put the Vikings in a must-win position as they take on the team with the best record in the league on Thursday.

Seattle had a poor offensive output on the road against Tampa.  Only scoring 5 points is unacceptable for a team that has the caliber of players as the Seahawks.  We'll see if they will bounce back against a down-and-out Carolina team this coming Sunday.  Tampa's season is looking up if they can be more consistent and get some wins against equally matched opponents.

Denver finds itself on the outside looking in after dropping the Monday night game to the Chiefs.  Slotted in the #7 spot in the AFC right now, Denver needs to get more offensive production out of their offense or they could be missing the playoffs all together.

We'll discuss this, the NCAA Playoffs, boxing, and more as Zone Coverage return to T2Q!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

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Even More Relationship Scenarios!

Tonight @ 9 PM Eastern.  
Join the Show Legends in answering some of the craziest, real life relationship questions! 

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Once again, I give my Show Legends (and those brave enough to call) 10 questions of some common and some weird relationship scenarios.

A lot of us find ourselves having to make decisions that could change our relationships for the better or for the worst. Just how much thought do we take in making some of these decisions? I ask some questions to provoke thought and get the perspectives of my listeners to see how they handle things like:

- What do you do when a family invites an ex over for holiday dinner and you have a new boo?
-  Is a man always obligated to attend weddings with his girlfriend?
- What obligation does a woman have to a man, if any, when it comes to buying her a drink at a bar?

These things and more on tonight's show!

Join the fun by calling (347) 202-0215, following the questions/answers on Twitter by using #T2Q, or friend me on Facebook at Thank Que and respond.

All of this and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions." 

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#NFL Week 11 2016

Are Cincy and Green Bay done?

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Cincinnati takes it on the chin again with a tough loss to Buffalo.  What is going on with that team?  Is Marvin Lewis a better coordinator than he is a coach?  With A.J. Green and Giovanni Bernard out for extended time (Bernard for the season), what can they do to get back into playoff contention?

Green Bay also has issues that need to be addressed.  They can't stop anyone on defense and Aaron Rodgers can't score enough points to keep pace.  Is the lack of the running game affecting the defense's stamina or is it another issue?

12 extra points were missed on Sunday.  Does that add excitement to the game or is it frustrating?  You can't run to the bathroom and assume that your kicker is going to make that point for your team any more.  How do you feel about it?

How was Jared Goff's first performance?  The Rams lost, but was it his fault?  Should he have been able to put up more than 10 points in his first game?

We'll also start the show with a break down of the Ward / Kovalev fight with The Young Brothers!

We'll discuss these things and more as Zone Coverage returns to T2Q!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

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Worth The Wait? #BlackFriday & #Relationships

Tue., Nov. 22nd @ 9 PM Eastern.  
How long will you wait for something that you really want?

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It's that time of the year again when people spend a lot of time waiting.  Waiting on what you ask?

A lot of things!

On Black Friday, so many of us will be waiting in line to get some crazy deal on a Christmas gift.  Is it really worth disrupting family time during an off day from work just to save $100 on a product?  To some, it is!  Does it matter that Black Friday is turning into Black Thursday?  We'll discuss that, too!

What else do people wait on?

Relationships.  1 year.  2 years.  3 years or more.  How long does it take for the person who is right for you to show up?  In all honesty, I don't think that it takes that long for the average person.  I think that we walk past the person who is right for us on a regular basis, but we just don't want them.

At what point do you throw your hands up and say, "I don't have a soul mate!"?

We'll talk about these things and give our Turkeys of the Year Awards to idiots who have shaped 2016 on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

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Q-on-1 w/Julie Shipley of The Soup Shop

Mon., Nov. 21st @ 12 PM Eastern. 
It's me and the Florida entrepreneur in a 1-on-1 conversation! 

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I have a chat with a lady who turned her hobby into a business!  Julie Shipley cooks and ships soup to people all over the country with her business.  On the podcast, she shares information on what steps people should make before starting their business.  A lot of people may not know the opportunities they have that can assist their businesses, but Julie gives tips on some of them.

We discuss how she got started and the types of soups that she has on the menu.  It's a very interesting podcast that documents the American dream and how Julie achieved it!  Here's more on her business:

We started out by first catering to restaurants, since that is where this whole story really began, remember? They loved our delicious, attitude-filled, bountiful bowls of gourmet, homemade soup goodness and the Soup Shop was born. 

Now we deliver serious soup anywhere and anyone can enjoy the love, passion, dedication, fun and souperior soup making attitude we put into each and every bowl of our soup. We want you to enjoy it as much as we do, but we also we want you to know we absolutely love making our soup for each and every one of you that enjoys it.


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#NFL Week 10 2016

Wed., Nov. 16th @ 9 PM Eastern.  
Zeke sneak past Pittsburgh...

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Zeke Elliott does his thing as the Cowboys steal a win from the Steelers last Sunday.  What was an exciting game with 7 lead changes displayed the future of the Dallas Cowboys.  It also made you wonder about the future of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Grumblings about Mike Tomlin have started again.

What is wrong with the Atlanta Falcons?  The Falcons are slipping and slipping further into mediocrity.  With an offense that explosive, why is it so difficult for them to string together some more victories?  And the Panthers and Packers are trash, too.  Are we seeing a changing of the guards in the NFL this quickly?

And the Saints are being the Saints.  An opportunity to beat the Super Bowl Champs turns into a SportsCenter highlight that has kept the world laughing for the last 72 hours.  How great is the new extra point rule?  Does it add more excitement to the games for you?

Also on the show, a huge boxing match this weekend with Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev.  These things and more as Zone Coverage returns to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

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Things You Don't Tell Your Spouse

Tue., Nov. 15th @ 9 PM Eastern.  
Are there certain things that you should just keep to yourself?

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When you get married, your spouse should know more about you than almost any one.  They should know about that time you went to jail after a fist fight in your 20's.  They should know the reason behind the tribal tattoo on your left butt cheek.

But are there things that happen after you say "I do" things that you should keep to yourself?

For example, should you keep it to yourself that your personal trainer is hotter than fish grease?  Or maybe it's not wise to mention that you hate your spouse's sibling?

On tonight's show, we'll discuss things that you should maybe keep to yourself rather than reveal.  Sometimes it's just best to keep the peace.  Honesty is good, but sometimes it's just best to keep your mouth shut.

Also on the show, The new Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 comes out on 11/28 at limited outlets.  Will you be in line for these new kicks?  We'll talk about the price and the hype that will surround these self-tying shoes on tonight's show.

the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

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Tonight's show is brought to you by the music of Lexi Lex!  Check out her music here!

President Donald Trump & #NFL Week 9 2016

Wed., Nov. 9th @ 9 PM Eastern.  Call (347) 202-0215 or click the link.
The Raiders are for real and so is Donald Trump!.

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the Talk 2 Q Radio Show

Well,The Donald has spoken! Donald J. Trump is your 45th president. What started to most of us as a publicity stunt has turned into what is probably the biggest upset in election history.

What happens now? Do we see a "presidential" Trump or do we see the same blow hard from the reality show?

And what do you think about Hillary basically pulling a Cam Newton and not addressing her supporters who waited for her at the end of the night?

We'll discuss that and more on this special Election Edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions."

Zone Coverage

The Oakland Raiders flashed back to their 70's style of play as they punished the Super Bowl Champion, Denver Broncos, on Sunday night.  Are we seeing a changing of the guards in the AFC West already?  Is Derek Carr the new big dog in that division?

Big Ben returns, but doesn't get the "w".  The Ravens put the clamps down on the Steelers in a 21-14 victory.  Ben put up good numbers, but the lack of the running game is what ultimately did the Steelers in.  What's next for them?  Their 4-4 and the red hot Cowboys are coming to town next.

Detroit is the latest team to throw a monkey wrench in the NFC North.  The Vikings go down yet again as Detroit takes them down 22-16 in OT.  Again, the offense is suffering in Minnesota.  If they don't find a way to get it back, then it may already be too late for Adrian Peterson to come back.  Only 1 game separates 1st place and 3 place in that division.

 Zone Coverage. "Talk sports from the couch!"

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U.S. Presidential Election 2016

Tues., Nov. 8th @ 9 PM Eastern. Listen at the link or at (347) 202-0215.  
Who will be our next president?

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Well, the wait is over. The United States Presidential election for Prez #45 is finally here! It's been a long time coming. Just a yearr ago, we were enjoying the monkey wrench Donald Trump was throwing into the GOP mix. Little did we know that he would not only change the landscape of campaiging, but he would also change the landscape of racism in this country.

Regardless of how Trump feels about minorities, it's very clear that some of his supporters have a very negative opinion of minorities. What does that mean for racism in this country if he wins? Will it mean riots if he loses?

As for Clinton, she's been called fake, corrupt, and other things. What will her presidency look like if she gets elected? Will there be more corruption in politics?

And is there a possibility that people vote in a 3rd party simply because they hate the other two? I guess it's possible, but unlikely.

These things will get discussed and more on this episode of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions."

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#NFL Week 8 2016

Wed., Nov. 2nd @ 9 PM Eastern. Join live at (347) 202-0215.
A comeback for Dak as Dallas secures 1st place in the NFC East.

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Dak Prescott led the Cowboys to a 4th quarter comeback victory over the tenacious Eagles.  What does it mean for the future of the franchise and of their former starting QB, Tony Romo?

Another tie.  Cincy and Washington couldn't decide an outcome after 75 minutes of game play.  Should ties be done away with at this point of the league's time?

How can the Oakland Raiders commit an NFL record 23 penalties and still come out a winner in a game?  By having David Carr throw for over 500 yards.  At this point, he's a serious MVP candidate and the showdown for 1st place against the Broncos next week looks as good as ever!

Atlanta outlasts the Green Bay Packers.  Should the Pack just r-e-l-a-x... relax or is there reason to panic in Titletown?  Aaron Rodgers had a great game passing the ball, but he also led his team in rushing as well.  What has happened to the Packers running game and what can they do to fix it?

These things and more as Zone Coverage returns to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

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Time for "Boo School"?

Tues., Nov. 1st @ 9 PM Eastern.  Listen live at (347) 202-0215.
Should ladies go to school to learn how to be a wife?  There's a group of people who think so.

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Roots of Royal is on a mission:

Our mission is to help women to tap into the power of their femininity and rediscover the joys of being a woman. We also want women to enjoy being in successful marriages with emotionally healthy men who love and adore them, as well as build generationally strong families.

What does "rediscover the joys of being a woman" mean?  Is there "joy" in cooking and cleaning for the modern day woman?  RoR thinks that there should be.  They have multiple classes in which you can enroll and learn how to be the best boo you can be!

For example: for $300, you can enroll in "Wife School"which covers "feminine grace, etiquette, wealth building, man charming, feminine & masculine communication, the 100 things a wife needs to do to promote generational greatness, and so much more."

The school is for married or single women.

Join my Show Legends and I as we dive into what RoR's mission is and discuss if it's useful or not.  I guarantee you that women will be pissed after listening to this show.  Because we all know that Ray and M&M are going to speak their minds and piss some ladies off.  LOL!

the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

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