#NFL Week 16 2016

Wed., Dec. 28th @ 9 PM ET.  Join us at (347) 202-0215.
Antonio Brown saves the day for Pittsburgh!

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The Steelers snap a losing streak against the Ravens and "sent them fishing" for the holidays.  In what was essentially a playoff game for Baltimore, the Ravens defense falls horribly short of their reputation.  What could have been a blunder call ends up as one to remember for Steeler fans thanks to #84!

The Vikings turned a 5-0 start into a nightmare of a season.  Is the Sam Bradford experience over?  What happens when Teddy Bridgewater comes back healthy next season?

The Packers are just the opposite.  They've won their last 5 games and Aaron Rodgers has been killing it!  11 touchdowns and no interceptions.  Are they peaking at the right time or will they fizzle out in the WildCard round?  First thing's first.  Can they finish off the Lions may end up missing the playoffs all together?

We'll also take a look at the upcoming bowl games (that matter) this week in the NCAA's!  These things and more as Zone Coverage returns to T2Q!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

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What's Your Take on 2016?

Why did celebrity deaths stand out more this year than previous ones?

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David Bowie.
Muhammad Ali.
Arnold Palmer.
Florence Henderson.
George Michael.

The list goes on and on.  2016 has been a very noticeable year for celebrity deaths.  A lot of legendary names have moved on and so many of them were young.  Some were in their 40's and 50's.  On tonight's show, we'll take a brief look at some of the lives of these amazing people as well as do a year in review of sorts.

What was the biggest story of the year?  The death of Muhammad Ali or Prince?  Donald Trump pulling off one of the biggest election victories in the history of the presidency?  The Pokemon Go craze?  #BlackLivesMatter.  What?

We'll get into this, our bold 2017 predictions, and more as the Talk 2 Q Radio Show shuts down 2016 and welcomes in 2017!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

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#NFL Week 15 2016

Wed., Dec. 21st @ 9 PM ET. Call (347) 202-0215 to join!
Steelers v. Ravens... The brawl for it all!

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After a 24-20 victory over the Bengals, the Steelers have put themselves in position to win the AFC North.  But, there is a longstanding foe in the way yet again.  The Ravens.  With a win over Pittsburgh on Christmas Day, they will control their own destiny towards an AFC North crown and playoff bid.

Another Christmas gift we'll receive is Kansas City battling Denver!  The Super Bowl champs are on the verge of missing the playoffs unless they can figure out a way to get over on the Chiefs.  At 8-6, the Broncos cannot afford another loss and find themselves in desperation mode.  Can they get the production out of their offense that they sorely need.

Of course, we'll revisit the results from this weekend.  Dallas got by Tampa, the Packers are back in the driver's seat, the Giants keep taking down division winners, and the Titans are walking tall after dispatching the Chiefs.

Also, Bernard Hopkins gets knocked out of the ring in his last fight.  Will people hold this against his legacy?  All of these things and more as Zone Coverage returns to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

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Being Single Is A Disability

Tue., Dec. 20th @ 9 PM ET. Listen at (347) 202-0215.  
The definition of "single" has changed...

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The World Health Organization will change its definition of disabilities to classify people without a sex partner as being "infertile".  This will make it possible for straight single men/women, along with gay men/women, to have a child via in vitro fertilization because they will receive the same priority as married couples.  That also means that pubic funds would be accessible to them all as well.

Of course, this has pissed some people off.  The definition of infertility is now worded in a way that includes the rights of all individuals to have a family.  That's including straight men/women and gay men/women.

What will this mean for the United States?

Also on the show, could you date someone who has a different religion than you?  What kind of problems could that cause?  Do people truly take that into account before dating?

These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

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#NFL Week 14 2016

Wed., Dec. 14th @ 9 PM ET.
The New York Giant Killers do it again...

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Dak looked like a rookie in headlights on Sunday night as the Giants confuse him once again en route to a season sweep of the Cowboys.  Could it be an issue if both teams meet in the postseason?  Is Eli going to find a way to get this team back into the tournament?  Ugly win or not, it's still a win.

The Kansas City Chiefs once again look like the real deal.  Has Andy Reid finally learned how to turn the corner with a team and guide them to a Super Bowl this season?  The defense is stout and the offense is efficient.  Is it enough to have postseason success after beating the Raiders last Thursday night?

The Packers destroyed the Seahawks and Aaron Rodgers appears to have that groove back.  What's wrong with the Seahawks?  There's no shame in losing, but to lose by 4 touchdowns seems a bit much for the Super Bowl contenders.

We'll also discuss team mascots and the fate of recently released Raven kick returner, Devin Hester.  These things and more as Zone Coverage returns to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

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What About Your Friends?

Tue., Dec. 13th @ 9 PM ET.  
What role does a friend truly play in your life?

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A lot of us have associate, but how many of us have friends?  I'm not talking about Facebook friends or anything like that, I mean genuine "friends".

What should our expectations of them be?  When it comes to relationship problems, should your friend give you a sincere, unbiased opinion, that may or may not be in your favor?  Should they take your side and give you moral support instead?   Or should it be a combination of both, and if so, when would you know when to apply which?

What about when it comes to support your talents or business?  Is your friend obligated to frequent the restaurant you may own?  Should they show up at your violin recital that you're paying?  What is the best way for them to show you that they're going to help support your dream?

My Show Legends and I will discuss it all tonight on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

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#NFL Week 13 2016

Wed., Dec. 7th @ 9 PM EDT. (347) 202-0215 to listen/join.  
Dallas keep rolling and the Jets are horrible!

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The Cowboys have won 11 in a row as they win a nail biter against the stingy Minnesota Vikings.  They clinched a playoff spot with the Skins' loss and have the first entry in the postseason in 2016.  Can Dak and Zeke keep up their performance and recover from the 17 point outing?  Can the defense keep the scoring down?

The Jets drop a 41-10 loss to the Colts in Jersey.  A team that is centered around defense has its most embarrassing game of the year.  This is the type of game that gets coaches fired.  I don't think that should be the case here, but it's not a good look.  And is Ryan Fitzpatrick done in NY?  Probably so.

The Raiders keep winning after dropping a 38-24 victory on the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills needed the victory, but Oakland just has too much offense for teams right now.  If they get any improvement out of their scoring defense, then they will have a cakewalk to the Super Bowl.

Also, the NCAA has picked the four teams for the playoffs: Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Washington.  Did they get it right?  Was Michigan hosed?  Did Penn State get the shaft?  Who are your four?

These things and more as Zone Coverage returns to T2Q!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

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How Do You Live With A Gambler?

Tue., Dec. 5th @ 9 PM EDT. Call (347) 202-0215 or click the link.
Are you taking too many bets with your hard earned cash? 

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There are plenty of casinos all over the country. Some people go to enjoy the casino just to partake in their buffets. Some enjoy spa treatments and other vacation amenities. And the rest tend to enjoy betting money with hopes of a financial return or just the thrill of it.

But what happens when the gambling becomes more of a necessity than a luxury?

- Would you date someone who gambles a lot?
- Is a spouse with a gambling problem grounds for divorce?
- How do you manage finances when living with someone who gambles?

Also on the show, Black Santa.  At the Mall of America in Minnesota, a black man becomes the first man of color to dawn the red fat suit.  It has caused some people to boycott visiting Santa because of the jolly elf not being played by a white man.  Fair or foul?

These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

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