Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump Is In. Now What?

Tue., Jan. 24th @ 9 PM EDT. Listen at (347) 202-0215.
Donald J. Trump became the 45th POTUS last Friday and the country divided even more. What now?

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Donald Trump officially took over the @POTUS Twitter account that President Obama held onto for the last 8 years.  The Inauguration is over and now the work starts.  Trump is in the White House and it's time to get things moving.  Just how easy will that be though?

Trump starts his presidency with the lowest entering approval rating of all-time (40%).  The difference between the crowd in 2009 and today was staggering.  Quite a few politicians also decided to boycott his swearing in ceremony to show their lack of support.

How much can Trump get done with more than half the country against him?  And if everyone is pulling for him to fail, then what will the country look like by the time the next election comes about in 2020.

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