Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Is Kaep Being Blackballed by the #NFL?

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Is it all over for Kaep?

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Colin Kaepernick took a stance against racial equality last season and it appears that it may cost him his job. A lot of people were upset that he chose not to stand for the National Anthem, instead choosing to kneel. He said that he wouldn't stand until changes were made, within the police departments across the country, to better treat blacks. He's changed his stance on that, but has the damage already been done to his playing career? Have all 32 teams decided to pass against the controversy that is Colin Kaepernick?

Also on the show, are the OKC fans too disrespectful to their former hero, Kevin Durant? What are the long term effects on fans by the NBA resting their star players late in the season? Is Rajon Rondo the pettiest player ever in the NBA? Organizing a reunion for the 10 year anniversary of the Celtics winning the championship and he doesn't want to invite all of his teammates?

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