Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Difference Between A Nice Guy & A Good Guy

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Who knew that being a nice guy isn't all that?

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(Tonight won't be the usual Q&A forum that we normally have.  It will be more of a round table discussion which means that I will have more input as a speaker.  There will not be a tweetchat occurring during the show.)

Yes, ladies, after years and years of saying "nice guys" unfairly finish last, I now do a 180 degree spin and say that they absolutely earn that last place spot.  There is a difference between a "nice guy" and a "good guy".  The term is not interchangeable as we once thought and tonight, I'm going to break it down for you with the help of my Show Legends!

A "nice guy" is far from a "bad boy", but that doesn't mean that he's good for you.  "Nice guys" aren't always authentic.  They usually don't have a lot of confidence.  They can also be overbearing at times due to their insecure nature.

A "good guy" is somewhat of a balance of "bad boy" and "nice guy".  He will tell you the truth/what you need to hear.  He doesn't need anyone to validate who he is.  He has character which allows him to have natural leadership abilities.

We'll break all of these things down tonight so that you can recognize a "good guy" when you see one!  Also, we'll discuss all things trending as we Get Crystalized with Crystal Hickerson!

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