Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mayweather v. McGregor Preview

Wed., Aug. 23rd @ 9 PM ET. (347) 202-0215 to join!
Well, it's about that time to put up or shut up.

Stream the show here.

All of the mouth running can now come to an end.  August 26th is just a few days away and the speculating will come to an end.  Floyd Mayweather is recognized by many as having retired the best boxer in the world.  Conor McGregor is one of the most respected fighters of UFC.  Who is better: mixed martial artists or boxers?

The Show Legends and I will make our predictions on tonight's show.  We'll also discuss what outcome would be best for the sport of boxing, as well as wrap up the Terence Crawford / Julius Indongo historical match from Saturday night.

Mix in a little NFL and NCAA Football talk and you have another great edition of Zone Coverage on T2Q!  "Talk sports from the couch!"

Show No. 722 of 750.

Scheduled for 60-75 mins.

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