Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2017 #NFL Week 2 Wrap-Up

Marshawn put on a show for the Oakland fans last Sunday!
Can you out-dance Marshawn?

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NFL Week 2 happened and we're still not quite sure what we're seeing out there. This we know: the Raiders are having a blast with Marshawn Lynch out there in Oaktown! Beastmode dancing on the big screen could be something that I could watch on a weekly basis. It's great to see a player totally embraced by the city. I bet that dude could run for mayor right now. Oh, I almost forgot... the Raiders are pretty good!

The Steelers improve upon their Week 1 performance and get another W. They appear to be having things in order as they get into a bit of a groove. Keeping players healthy will be important for them. 

Dallas got tractorized by the Broncos. Can't say that I saw it coming because I actually had Dallas winning this game. Looks like they ran into some full grown men in the Broncos defense and didn't know what to do when that left hook came on the first snap.

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