Wednesday, November 8, 2017

2017 #NFL Week 9 Wrap-Up

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More than halfway through the season and things are starting to shape up!

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Philly is still flying high after dropping 50+ points on Denver.  Denver has a world class defense that appears to be quitting because it cannot get support from it's lower class offense.  Elway says that Osweiller is still his guy, but should he give Paxton Lynch a chance?  Should he, God forbid, bring in Colin Kaepernick (and I typed that with sarcasm).

The Boys get a huge win at home against the KC Chiefs, who appear to be stumbling as of late.  Not being able to run the game greatly affected KC's offense and they couldn't get things going consistently.  Dallas plays Russian Roulette every week with Zeke.  When will that bullet finally fill the chamber? 

Did you see all of the fights this weekend?  Not just the Deontay Wilder / Bermaine Stiverne fight, but AJ Green and Jaylen Ramsey.  There were other fights as well, including a brawl with Tampa Bay and New Orleans. 

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