Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Body Shaming Women

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In almost 2018, body shaming is still alive and well...

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Jan Shedd took to Facebook on Wednesday to call out Channel 8 in Dallas’ new traffic reporter, Demetria Obilor, who she said was a “size 16/18 woman in a size 6 dress.” 

“Has anyone seen Channel 8’s new morning traffic reporter? Her name is Demetria Obilor & she’s a size 16/18 woman in a size six dress and she looks ridiculous,” Shedd wrote in the now-deleted post. -- NY Daily News 

There's a traffic ensemble anchor in Dallas, Texas by the name of Demetria Obilor. As you can see by the photos, she's extremely attractive. However, that's working against her in the eyes of some of her viewers.

Here's the thing: you can be a TV personality and be attractive, but you have to do it by "societal standards". What does that mean? You can't be urban with it. No extreme curves. Booty, hips, and thighs need not apply when it comes to being a female sex symbol in the U.S.

In other words, you can't be too black with it (despite the fact that some white women pay top dollar for surgical enhancements to "black it up", for lack of a classier phrase).

Tonight, we'll discuss body shaming and if it has a place in society.  We'll also Get Crystalized with Crystal Hickerson and discuss current events trending on the Web.  This and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts. Just opinions."

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