Who Am I Listening To?

I've always been a fan of podcasts.  Over the years, I've seen some really good shows come and go.  If you are interested in listening to other podcasts then here are some that I recommend:

This podcast will bring you dope conversations about any topic that is of interest at the time.  Listen to the host, Erica, along with her cohost, Gator, as they discuss current events, relationships, and more!   Listen here.

If you're ready to ditch your leggings and get back to dressing like a grown-up, this is the place for you.  Check out Style Coach, Gunner Mattheson's podcast, "Burn Your Leggings!"  Listen here.

🎶 Oh yea it’s ladies night, oh what a night! 🎶  A group of friends come together to fellowship and kick around topics for ladies and men alike! They discuss current topics as well as suggested ones and invite you to join them!  Listen in and become a part of the show!  Listen here.

Ashley's "I Am Her" podcast is about the many trials and tribulations she's faced and how she conquered them and turned her life around. She talks about random topics she feels the need to express her feelings about, along with a few topics listeners send in. Listen here.

Unfiltered sports topics and debates. Listen here.

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