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"Hey, what up, Q? What up, Radio World?"

What is a Show Legend?  It's a person that is a staple in the T2Q community to the point of legendary status.  A Show Legend title is earned and can only be bestowed by the show host's formal announcement.  One can earn the title by doing a combination of things: being a faithful caller (for an undisclosed amount of times), a frequent show guest, and / or a huge contributor in promoting the show.

With plenty of appearances, social network participation/promotion and a few other intangibles, you can also earn the title of Show Legend!
"M&M" aka "My Mind" - Jackson, Miss. (500+ calls)
Buck - Pensacola, FL (500+ calls)
Ray - New Jersey (500+ calls)
Crystal Hickerson - Detroit, MI (Over 350+ calls plus a chat room Legend)
Amanda AKA @ShineSparkle - New Jersey (300+ calls)

Amy - Arkansas (over 150+ calls & Facebook contributor)
Robin & Erika (Cocktails & Conversation Divas) - Stockton, CA & Atlanta, GA 

Mishivia and Archie - U.S. Virgin Islands (First callers outside of the U.S. mainland)
TrueSpeech - Detroit, MI
The Badman - El Dorado, AR
Marrie Lobel - Northern California

Bobby Willis - North Carolina


The Green Chimp Show

Listen here!

The Green Chimp Show is where we discuss parenting, politics, race, relationships, love, life, sports, sex and all things in between." Check out this ATL host, Derrick, and his crew as they keep it real and uncensored when they discuss the issues of the day. Each episode will leave you feeling informed and entertained.

Derrick and I pulled off one of the most sophisticated internet radio collaborations when we linked up for a three hour stint for the 2012 NFL Draft.  I joined his show for the first two hours of the NFL broadcast and continued discussing the last two hours of the 1st Round of the draft on my show.  It was an amazing four hour production that received a ton of downloads via iTunes as we presented the draft unlike anyone else.

He also has a blog and you can check it out here.  You can also listen to D and the crew multiple times a week at their spot on Tenacity Radio.  Listen to The Green Chimp Show here.

Here Marrie's 1st appearance on T2Q here!
Marrie Lobel

Marrie is the author of one of my favorite blogs, Dirty in Public!  What makes her and the blog so great is that she understands the complexities of relationships that most people do not.

She does a great job in expressing things about women to men in a way that guys can appreciate it.  We've all heard of the book, "Men Are From Mars. Women Are From Venus."  Well, Marrie is the space shuttle that connects two of them!

That's why I try to have her on my show as much as possible so that she can spread that knowledge across the world to enlighten others!

Check out her site and tell her that I sent you!  You will not regret it!


Listen to one of her appearances on T2Q!
Jewels is a bona fide writer. Her contributions are all over the web, but most of them are based on her blog site, According to Jewels.

She picked up a pen at the age of 9 and has been writing ever since. There is usually no "rhyme or reason" to the things that she writes. However, you will be treated to her opinions and stories which are always entertaining and completely honest.

Jewels is one of my favorite people and has always been supportive of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! I also like the fact that she's wearing an #MMism tee. :)

If you wish to get a sample of her musings, then check her out on Twitter or Like her Facebook Fan Page. You can also check out her hard work over at

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