#NFL Week 6 2016

Wed., Oct. 19th @ 9 PM Eastern.  
Week 6 is in the books and some 1-loss teams got toppled.

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The biggest surprise of the weekend for me was the Phins dropping the 30-15 hammer on the injury-plagued Steelers.  Big Ben goes down and could be out for a few weeks.  There's no time table on his return, but how will this impact the Steelers' chances at the playoffs?

Buffalo drops 45 points on the 49ers.  Did firing their offensive coordinator really work?  The Bills are 4-2 and are very much in the early playoff chase.  We'll see if they can continue their streak of double digits victories.

The Eagles have dropped two and the Skins have won four.  What's the difference?  How did the high-flying Eagles find themselves going from 1st place to 3rd place in just two weeks?  Is the magic over in Wentzylvania already?

Dallas goes to Lambeau and control the Packers from start to finish. However, instead of discussing what they did to get the win, my question lies with Green Bay.  Mainly their quarterback.  What is going on with Aaron Rodgers?  Is he going through an Andrew Luck crisis?  Has he hit the wall?

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Why Do You Stay: Love or Security?

Tues., Oct. 18th @ 9 PM EST. (347) 202-0215 to listen live!
Why do we stay in relationships these days?

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Love is something that we all say that we want.  However, there are different versions of it.  Some people feel and view love differently.  Some people view love as an intense feeling of deep affection for a person.  However, some of us look at our relationships as a means to an end.  As a way to live our lives comfortably.

What's the focus in 2016 when it comes to relationships?  Are people looking for love or are they looking for security?

Of course, you can have both, but that's not the question being asked tonight.  I'm not sure if some people really know one from the other or if it matters.  I'll see what my Show Legends have to say about it.

Also on the show, I'll ask the question: how do you motivate children?  Tough one, huh?

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