Coach @BettyLouise Talks Healing w/Pleasure Medicine

Coach Betty Louise
Tue., Sept. 16th @ 10 PM EDT 

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Are you interested in an eye-opening, content-rich show on the liberation of pleasure? When we are able to access an inner pleasure, we feel freedom in every aspect of our lives. Creating pleasure cycles, instead of trying to break pain cycles, is the visionary work that Coach Betty Louise wants to share with you!

She will talk about her book, "Healing with Pleasure Medicine: Unearthing the Beautiful, Sensual, and Sexual You" as she makes her first appearance on T2Q!

Also being discussed on the show: what are some of the signs that you are in a toxic relationship?

The hardest thing for a person to do when they're in a relationship is to recognize things that have gone wrong. The Show Legends and I will give some tips to help you evaluate the situation that you're in!

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Show No. 394

Interview scheduled for 20-30 mins.

Show scheduled for 60-75 mins.

The Return of Ms. Manhood!

Wed., Sept. 10th @ 9 PM EDT 

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You may remember her from back in the day when she appeared on T2Q to discuss a man's "Business Plan for Getting Women." She also appeared in "Let's Talk About Sex III" which some would argue was the most entertaining podcast of the series.

Ms. Manhood comes back to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show to discuss a couple of topics:

  • The horrors of online dating are worse for some more than others. It can be a huge headache as you peruse profiles hoping that the person you finally make contact with isn't some nut. We'll discuss what women should look for in a profile regarding red flag items on men. 
  • I'll also ask her about less than masculine men. Ms. Manhood is a huge fan of masculinity as a traditional thinker. She believes that a man should lead with his masculinity and follow with a softer side later in the relationship. We'll go over some examples on how men can improve their status with "traditional women." 
These things and more as Ms. Manhood returns to T2Q! 

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Twitter: @Talk2Q

Show No. 392

Scheduled for 60-75 mins.


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