ZC 7.20.16 - Wilder Drops Bombs

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Deontay Wilder elevates his status among the pound-for-pound greats.

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I got to peep Deontay Wilder in person again and he delivered as usual.  Although it wasn't the usual knockout we are used to seeing in his fights, it was still a very entertaining brawl.

Wilder proved to be too much for challenger, Chris Arreola.  The people of Birmingham were entertained by their favorite son as he pounded Arreola into submission late into the fight.  Wilder also boosted his legendary meter by fighting with a broken right hand and a torn muscle in his arm.

Who does he fight next?

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#T2Q 7.19.16 - Politics, Police, & #Pokémon

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Politics, police, and Pokémon on tonight's show...

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The Republican National Convention is going on in Cleveland this week.  What will be the focus of Donald Trump?  A lot of members of the GOP have decided to sit this one out and not show for the RNC.  I guess they don't want to be attached to The Donald if he fails miserably.

How can a man who hasn't even won over his own party possibly win over a nation?


Baton Rouge is back in the news and it's for the wrong reasons once again.  3 police were killed over the weekend in what appears to be a retaliation for the killing of unarmed black men.  Where do we draw the line?

How does this affect black men and their every day living?  What about cops and their every day living?


I had no idea what a Pokémon was until just a few years ago.  Now I encounter someone everyday playing the latest craze, Pokémon Go.  It's an interactive game that blurs the line between video games and reality.

Is it something you'll try or is it a bad idea to bring video games "to life"?

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