4 Reasons Why You Should and Should Not Date Coworkers

7/28/15 at 10 PM Eastern
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You're on the job and you just get settled at your desk. You look up as a new hire walks into the building for the first time and this person is the finest person you've ever seen. They wind up sitting next to you and you can't stop staring. At that point, you have a decision to make: do I try to get to know this person as a coworker or do I try to get to know this person on a more personal level?

Thousands of people around the country struggle with this decision daily.

On tonight's show, I'm going to throw out 4 reasons why it could benefit you to date a coworker. I've actually done it successfully and I can share my tips on how I made it work. I will also give 4 reasons against why a person should date a coworker.

The last place to have "Fatal Attraction" moments is the place where you make your rent money.

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Another Family Gathering, LLC presents our first annual Stilettos on the Pavement's "What IF" Women's Empowerment Conference.

This conference is a continuation of the successful quarterly networking experiences--scheduled for Saturday, August 1, 2015 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Mississippi e-Center at Jackson State University, located at 1230 Raymond Road, Jackson, MS 39204. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Cure Sickle Cell Foundation in Jackson, Mississippi.  

The Founder, coined this conference “What IF” with the hopes of challenging the status quo that believes women can not work together. Our desire is to change this perception. This conference is designed to EMPOWER, motivate, support, and encourage women to become the women “they” aspire to be.

Oleta Garrett Fitzgerald, Director of Children’s Defense Fund’s Southern Regional Office, is the keynote speaker. Our award recipient is L. Sherie Dean, CEO and Founder of The L. Sherie Alert.
Additional speakers are:
  • Mrs. Rosalind Yarber, First Lady of Jackson
  • Dr. Sharon Slater, Executive Vice President of Research and Development of Educational Services for HOPE
  • State Representative Kimberly L. Campbell, Esq. Mississippi’s House of Representatives District 72 
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