Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dead Beat Parents

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Tonight's show talked about what we need to do to stop the never-ending cycle of single parenting. Each year, we get deeper and deeper into more of a mess as thousands of babies are born each month without two willing parents to care for them. Seventy-two percent of black babies are born to unmarried mothers today. Seventy-freakin'-two! Are you kidding me?

Check out the podcast as I discuss this topic with three fathers who are always there for their children. If you need direction on how a man handles his business when it comes to his kids, then you can't pass up this show. Too many boys out there call themselves "men" and it's to the point now that a lot of you ladies don't even know what a real man is these days.  I know plenty of boys in adult bodies and in order for you to learn how to distinguish them, you need to pay attention to what these three men have to say.

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