Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Hidden Figures" feat. Carmen Hendrix & Katherine Waddell

Duration: 81 mins.

It's Women's History Month and that means the Woman's Politico is back, but with a twist! I will be hosting it for the first time in its existence! But, the focus will still be on the ladies as I throw out some questions for two special guests!

On tonight's show, we'll discuss some of the things that may be holding women back in 2017. For example:
  • Why do ladies tend to stay in bad relationships? 
  • Unlike the ladies of the story, "Hidden Figures", why are ladies so cutthroat when it comes to other ladies? 
  • What are some of the struggles to women entrepreneurs? 
Joining me tonight will be do it all, media mogul, Katherine Waddell of www.ThisNeedsToBeSaid.com and author/entrepreneur, Carmen Hendrix of www.CarmenHendrix.com!

the Talk 2 Q Radio Show loves the ladies! Women's Empowerment!

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Another Q-on-1 with Author, Izzy Church!

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Izzy is back!

Duration: 22 mins.

I have the opportunity to have a chat with film maker and author, Isabella "Izzy" Church. I ask her about how she got started in her career in film and how it all translated into a book.

What’s a bear to do when his friends and neighbors dare to attack his reputation? You see it is most hurtful not to be appreciated,especially when you’re a lovely, charming, gorgeous hunk of a bear. So when Dr. Pookie begins to receive unwanted attention in the local newspapers, he did what any intelligent, sophisticated, well-to-do bear would do.

Dr. Pookie invited all of his friends and neighbors up to the tippy top of Bear Mountain for a lovely dinner party. After all, there is nothing more delightful than to be entertained by the most famous bear in the Little Royal Forest.

In the children’s mystery adventure, Dr. Pookie and The Case of his Missing Thought, Dr. Pookie shares with his friends the exciting and curious tale of the time he lost his thought and the hilarious adventure that follows as he frantically searches for it. Join along with all the furry creatures in the Little Royal Forest as they search high and low for Dr. Pookie’s missing thought. 


Her book, "Dr. Pookie and The Case of The Missing Thought" hit stores in February 2017 and we will discuss the inspiration behind it and more on this special podcast edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

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