Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stop Him from Cheating

I'm sure a lot of women would love to know how they can stop a man from cheating. Well, me and the fellas are going to give you some tips on some simple things a woman can do to keep her man's focus at home. Of course there's no foolproof way of doing it. Some men just like to cheat and will until they decide that they want to change. However, for the ladies who want a happy relationship, there are some things that may help keep him happy.

Some things may sound basic, but if Steve Harvey can make millions off of his book for writing the "ABC's" of understanding men, then I'm going to do my thing as well! If a woman can't learn anything from this show, then she just can't learn.

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  1. Interesting...
    and yes, some men (and women) just aren't monogamous people. If everyone was honest about who they are then there'd be a lot less "cheaters".

  2. About that "honesty" thing...

  3. Simple solution - find a man with integrity and don't settle for anything less.

  4. Exactly, Emme. The keyword is "settle." Some people think a piece of a man is better than none at all and that's ridiculous.

  5. If your man cheats you can cheat as well!

  6. Turnabout is fair play, you think?

  7. See I know some polyamorites, and they believe that certain people provide support for certain parts of your psyche. Sexual, emotional, mental, intellectual. I know my female friends fill in the gaps where my man doesn't, but he is the only sexual one, because if I started to cheat it would not stop. Can't let that demon get into your head.

  8. I'm not sure that I was meant to love or care for just one person. I think we all know by now that I've been involved in a lot of affairs as the other woman. I've NEVER cheated on a partner or boyfriend but I've certainly been involved with men who weren't single. I'm not sure we're meant to be monogamous. Is that horrible? Anyway, my posts often talk about how to avoid your man straying, covers cheating and what motivates it, etc...there are a lot of factors but yes there are some things that can limit the likelihood.

    1. Jewels, everyone has their thing. If you liked unavailable men, then you'll be judged for it, but ultimately, you have to make yourself happy, I guess. This show was one of my favorites. I truly enjoyed the discussion that went on and the tips that were passed on to women.

      Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid bad things, Jewels, so I'll have to send some people your way to your blog to get further educated. :)


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