Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Talk 2 Author, Tommie Mabry!

Tommie Mabry lives by the words, “I cannot walk in my future with my foot in my past."

Duration: 45 mins.
Tue., June 28th @ 9 PM Eastern.  

Mabry, 28, grew up in midtown, or what the locals call Northend, a neighborhood in Jackson that he says was not necessarily the easiest neighborhood to grow up in.

“I have lived a life that’s beyond 28,” Mabry says. “The average 28-year-old hasn’t lived close to how much I have been through. … I come from the 'hood, I come from poverty. No one from my family finished high school. ... I don’t have a family member before me to ever finish college.”

Growing up with no one to serve as a model for mainstream success, Mabry turned to life in the underground economy and ardently abided by the code of the street. Mabry was expelled from seven elementary schools and three middle schools in the Jackson Public Schools district, and by age 11, he was serving time for burglary and began getting his first tattoos as early as the 5th grade.

Tonight, I'll talk to him about how he turned his life around and went from a bad example to a role model.  You'll have the chance to talk to him as well by dialing (347) 202-0215.

This interview and more on tonight's Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

Show No. 611

(excerpts from Jackson Free Press)