Sunday, November 20, 2011

White Women Who Love Black Men

This will be an emotional and touchy subject to discuss. There are some white women who have a preference for black men. There are some black women who are literally offended by the notion that a white woman is moving in on "her man."

Do white women care what black women think?

Are black men obligated to black women?

 These topics and more as I'm joined by Jennica, a white woman who loves her chocolate!
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  1. LOL @ Reck! Yeah, a lot of times these things are done for the wrong reasons. I'm always curious to what makes a person go outside of their race because it's not always because of love.

  2. you know back when white men were perceived as the best catch for a relationship. Nobody complained. Today in 2012, black men have become the favorite mate choice for white women, and all the racist find ways to deride and undermine their love..

  3. @ Anonymous - You consider black men as the favorite mate choice? I've never heard anyone consider that point before. That's interesting.

  4. I am a Black male who dates all women. I do not consider it out of my race. I am first human and a descendent of Noah (The guy with the arch), as we all are. We are all just plain members of the human race.

  5. Yes I know it is Ark not Arch. I just wanted to see how many would correct me and what the nature of their comments would be like.

  6. @ Anonymous - We all bleed red when we're cut, so the only race should be the human race. I'm with you. I have no problems with interracial dating as long if it's not because one person thinks that another race is superior is some sort of way. As for the "arch," I noticed it, but passed on commenting. :)

  7. wtf it's 21st century, only nerds and schizophrenics care what's the color of your lover's skin

    1. LOL! I agree, Natalia! It shouldn't be a concern for people these days. Unfortunately, it is.

      Thanks for commenting!


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