Sunday, May 31, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Relationship Coach, Rick Soetebier

On this podcast, I welcome on relationship coach, Rick Soetebier, to discuss the difficulties in modern dating.

Duration: 34 minutes.

Relationships have been complicated today by technology giving the illusion of there being plenty of options out there. Has this shortened the patience levels of a lot of people who choose not to fight for their current relationship? If you think that there's someone better that's just a DM away, then will that make you less likely to stay with someone who has disappointed you in the moment?

We also discuss people who carry baggage from previous relationships and how to avoid dating from "a position of weakness" which results in repeated bad decisions.

Rick will talk about what he can offer a potential client who is serious about dating for keeps on this Q-on-1 podcast on T2Q.

You can get more information and / or contact Rick here.

Click the link to get his, "Dating Backward: A Practical Guide To Dating And Finding Your Soul Mate".

Show #796

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

"Talking White" & Curse Words #TBT

Listen on your favorite podcast platform here.

If you're from the inner city or are a person of color, then you've probably heard the term "talking white".

(Show #703 originally aired June 17, 2017)

Duration: 16 minutes.

On this TBT edition, I pulled a snippet of a show that was called, "Do You Care What People Think Of You?".  It was a show that discussed if people cared about how society perceived them.  Is there no such thing of being ashamed of your actions these days?

However, the show took a turn when Crystal brought up how people once perceived her as someone who "talked white".  Is abstaining from Ebonics or broken English a form of cultural assimilation in whiteness?  Crystal and Dr. Willis have a serious disagreement about the topic.

What do you think?  Feel free to leave feedback below.

Crystal, Buck, Dr. Willis, and M&M get into "talking white and curse words" on Throwback Thursday!

Check out this classic clip of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions."

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Model Dawn Moultroup

I get an opportunity to chat with Shimmer supermodel and the 2020 International Runway Model Search winner, Dawn Moultroup!

Duration: 14 minutes.

Dawn joins me to discuss her modeling career and how she got started.  We also chat about the thing she most enjoys about her career.  I also pick her brain and get her opinion of "IG models" and if they are truly to be considered models or not.  What actually qualifies a person as a model?

Oh, did I mention that she's also an author?  Her book, "Magnetism" will be out soon in Amazon and other book websites.  It is a supernatural / sci-fi story about a young girl who realizes that she has the ability interact with electronics.  The story behind the inspiration for her writing the book will blow you away!

All of this and more on this Q-on-1 edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

Show #794

Dawn's IG: @DawnMoultroup
Facebook: Dawn Moultroup

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

How To Date A Single Parent

Let's be honest: in 2020, it's very hard to find someone over the age of 21 who doesn't already have at least one child.

Duration: 96 minutes.

That makes relationships a lot more complicated these days because gone is the era in which all you had to worry about was one person. Now you have to consider your mate as his/her "broke best friends".

How should you approach it? How can you find someone you can blend with and ultimately build a family? How do you know that person isn't just trying to make you a "helper" and not a long-term option?

There are so many questions one has to ask himself/herself before you ever think about pulling the trigger on finding a bae. We present those questions to you on this week's live call-in edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show. "No experts. Just opinions."

Get the perspective you've never considered before delivered to your ears from one of my callers or Show Legends on this week's T2Q.

Show #793

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Style Coach, Gunner Mattheson

Ladies, if you're ready to ditch your leggings and get back to dressing like a grown-up, then you need to get connected to my guest.

Duration: 42 minutes.

She's a wardrobe stylist and the creator of the podcast, "Burn Your Leggings" which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other sites. Welcome Ms. Gunner Mattheson to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

On this podcast, I have a ton of questions to ask her that will benefit my lady listeners. We will discuss being too over-exposed or too conservative in your style, how to shop for clothing while on a budget, options for buying clothes during a weight loss journey, and much, much more!

I go Q-on-1 with the @FabulousLadyGunner on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

You can check out her Facebook page here.

Show #792

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Are Fathers Still Needed? #TBT

Are fathers still needed?  Of course my answer is "absolutely."

(Show #354 originally aired on June 17, 2014.)

I can't imagine being the man that I am without my father helping to mold me. However, there are a lot of women who have done everything on their own. A lot of them have raised some really productive children, but a majority haven't been as lucky.

With so many women claiming "independence" and "I don't need a man" where do fathers fit in? With so many fathers living life as sperm donors, due to their lack of motivation, do they deserve to fit in?

This TBT edition was a huge show as I was joined by Crystal, Buck, Ray, Amanda, Dr. Willis, M&M, Eric, Robin, and Stanley!  This was a controversial show that got heated at times.

Check out this classic podcast of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions."

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Dawn G. Smith of ROSA, Inc.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Dawn G. Smith of the podcast, "Let's Talk Live" and the movement, "Raising Our Sons in America".

Duration: 27 minutes.

Dawn is the mother of three boys and I felt as if she was perfectly qualified to discuss the following topics:
  • What's the husband's role when it comes to Mother's Day? 
  • As a mother of three black boys and Georgia citizen, how did the Ahmaud Arbery shooting affect your family? 
  • How does Raising Our Sons in America (ROSA) help young, black men in today's society? 
  • What is the perfect Mother's Day for you? 
I had an absolute great time speaking with her and you'll have a great time listening to the interview. And stay tuned at the end of the interview as I step on my soap box and share some thoughts on Mother's Day now that my mom is no longer here. I share a story that I've never told anyone about. 

I hope that you enjoy this Q-on-1 podcast on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show. 

You can check out Dawn at Let's Talk Live Podcast and ROSA, IncGet her book, "31-Day Affirmations for African American Boys".

Show #790

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

What Are You Watching on TV? #QuaratineLife

On this show, we're discussing TV shows and movies. What are you binge-watching these days?

There are a ton of options when it comes to TV viewing now. It's hard to believe that most of the people my age and up grew up with just 4 stations on TV. I was in high school when my family finally decided to get cable and it opened a whole new world to me. Now some would argue that there's too much TV to watch these days. If you find yourself saying, "there's nothing on TV" in today's time then you may have ADHD. There's Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Disney+, and more. Not to mention your traditional satellite and cable companies and new streaming services like Peacock and HBO Max. Which one is better? Which one gives you more bang for your buck?

A lot of us are stuck at home and we need something to do to pass the time. I'll ask my callers what they're watching. I'm binge-watching "Black Lightning", "The Office" (again), "Queen Sono", and the occasional movie.  What are you binge-watching during this quarantine period?

All these things and more on this live edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions."

Show #789

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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I Joined the Out of Bounds Sports Podcast

The Out of Bounds podcast is an up-and-coming show that discusses all things sports.

Listen to the show here.

The host, Corey Harrison, gives his guests the opportunity to opine on many sports topics.  Not only does he discuss nationally-followed sports such as the NBA and NFL, but he also allows people who used to play sports to talk about their experiences in the game from Little League to high school.

Corey and I mainly discussed two of my favorite teams: the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Lakers.  We also dipped into the conversation that everyone has been having the past few Monday mornings and that's about "The Last Dance" documentary on the Chicago Bulls.

I had a great time on his show and I look forward to being on again some day.  Check it out and show your boy some support!