Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Walking Dead & Welfare

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How do these two go together? They probably don't, but I'm sure M&M will find a philosophical way to link them together. On the next T2Q, we'll get into the following:

Bath salts and the zombies they create.  Despite the fact that people are eating other people (and animals), folks just love to get high.

How would you fix (or eliminate) welfare?  Welfare fraud is running rampant and the government doesn't seem concerned enough to fix it.

How old should a kid be before getting piercings/tattoos?  Willow Smith donned a photo of a fake tongue ring, but now pre-teens seem to want one for themselves.

A famous comic book character comes out of the closet.  Introducing a new characters who happens to be gay is one thing.  But, what if you take a popular established character and make him come out of the closet?  What will the reaction from the comic book masses be?

All of this and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

Show #133

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Me and the show legends will discuss some of the crazy news going on in the world today.

78 children by 46 different women. Wow.

Why aren't women protected in the military from sexual assault?

Why does racial profiling still exist in the police force?

All of these things and more on T2Q!

Show #132
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Business Side of Sports

Zone Coverage Sports is back! We'll discuss some of the business involved in sports:

Has ESPN changed from journalism to shock TV?

Why do they have so many analysts in the studio?

Is free agency good for sports?

How do you feel about bandwagon fans?

We'll also wrap up the NBA Finals, a follow-up of new info on the Chris Bosh/Baby Mama debacle and Karl Malone saying that he'd choose Scottie Pippen over Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson to start a team and any other sports topics that come up!

Show #131

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is Femininity Dead? @LadyT523 & @MsFabulousB

I'm joined by LadyT and Bendiane aka MsFabulousB once again as we discuss something a little different.  Time and time again, we hear people ask, "is chivalry dead?"

On this edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show, we look at the flip side: "is femininity dead?"  Do women no longer desire to be "girly," for lack of a better word?  Lady T and Ms. Fabulous B will answer questions in regards to the following:

What changed to make women shy away from traditional styles? 

What are the pros/cons of being traditionally feminine?

Do modern-day ladies not know how to be feminine?

All of these things and more on #T2Q!

Show #130
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Monday, June 18, 2012

What Do You Think?

Should men be allowed to join a sorority?

I throw questions out to my callers to see what they think about certain topics. It's a chance to showcase your knowledge on certain topics!

 Other than child support, does a man have any financial obligations to his baby's mom?

Father's Day card for a single mom: fair or foul?

What should the punishment be for falsely accusing someone of a crime?

These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! Call (347) 202-0215 to join!

Show #129
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

#Heat vs. #Thunder

Zone Coverage Sports Talk is back! We'll discuss what's going on in the world of sports, especially the NBA Finals. We'll discuss the following:

How will the NBA Finals turn out now that we're three games in?

Should Seattle Supersonics fans be pulling for their former team OKC or against them?

Is boxing officially dead after the Bradley v. Pacquiao decison?

A historically black university hires the conference's 1st white coach: progress or regress?

We'll also get into any NFL news that we can find and more on T2Q!

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Show #128

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Have Some @CocktailsnConvo!

Air date: Wednesday, June 13th @ 10 PM EDT / 9 PM CDT
I'm joined by two ladies from the BTR show, Cocktails & Conversation, who can give some perspective on reality TV. As you know, I don't watch nor care for reality TV outside of court TV. However, I do realize that it is entertainment for some. But, what about the people who take these shows to heart?

Robin and Erika will join me to discuss what happens when Reality TV meets Reality. We'll chat about the following:

Do they think reality shows exploit women, especially minorities?

How are these shows affecting young, impressionable ladies?

Should your man have a say-so in your wardrobe?

Can "down-low" men cause women to be homophobic?

All of these things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

Show #127
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dealing With Death

I know that I've been missing from my radio show and social networks for a while.  It just wasn't a focus of mine over the past week or so.  My mom passed away at 130 AM on June 2nd.  She had been battling multiple myeloma for a couple of years now.  She was in and out of the hospital over the past few months, but she checked in, for the last time, the day after Mother's Day.

It was within a week that we learned that it was pretty much a waiting game.  We didn't know when, but we knew that death was inevitable and that the doctors could do no more.  Although it was painful to watch my mom fade with each passing day, things were made a bit easier to know how many people loved her.  She had tons of visitors and got to benefit from the love from so many people whose lives she had touched over the years.

To me, that was the true meaning of a legacy.  A legacy isn't leaving children behind or having some statue built in your honor.  A legacy is leaving people with a part of you that they will keep with them forever.  My mom passed away with family at her side and that's what anyone should want.  Not some phone call saying something unexpected happened, but to be able to actually say "goodbye."

I feel a sense of pride of how wonderful of a lady she was based on all of the people who have come by to visit my dad.  How could one person have touched so many lives in 69 years?  I know that the strength and pride that I feel today will stay with me after the funeral.  The services on tomorrow will be "closed casket" at my mom's request, so yesterday's viewing at the funeral home was my last time seeing her.  The tears I shed on yesterday were not because I was feeling sorry for myself or asking "why?"  They were tears of gratitude of me saying "thank you."  "Thank you" for keeping me in line when I was a child and for never stop being my mother after adulthood.  Even though I'm dealing with death, the memories of the life lessons that you taught will still guide me going forward.

I ask that my readers understand that I don't plan on responding to any comments on this post although I do appreciate them.  I need to get past this feeling I've had.  It's not healthy.  After a few days of feeling lost, I'm slowly returning back to my everyday self.  That's what my mom would have wanted.  For me to be me.  For me to be the strong one and to take care of my grandmother and my father.  To do that, I have to have the strength to move on...

...And Momma didn't raise no punk.