Thursday, April 30, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Actor, Scott Schwartz

I've done many interviews before, but very few like the one I did with actor, Scott Schwartz. 

Part I (36 mins)
Part II (31 mins)
Part III (46 mins)

Many of you have seen Scott in movies and TV shows from the 80's, but he's most known for his role as "Flick" in holiday movie, "A Christmas Story". His character's iconic moment of getting his tongue stuck on the icy flagpole has been seen by millions and will always be a staple in the holiday season.

Scott was barely a teen when he started in movies. What was life like for a kid from New Jersey who interacted with so many Hollywood types? Were child stars friends with one another? Were they taken advantage of financially? Were they able to live normal lives as children? Scott gives insight into all of that.

We also discuss the relationships he's built over the years with Hollywood legends: Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason to name a couple. The friendships he built with people like Hulk Hogan or Barry Bonds will be talked about as well. And we will dive into "The Two Coreys". Just why does Corey Feldman appear to still have such animosity about the late Corey Haim?

This is too much for one episode, so be sure to enjoy each part of my Q-on-1 podcast with Scott Schwartz on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.

Show #786 / #787 / 788

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"The Toy"

"A Christmas Story"

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Unsportsmanlike NFL Draft '20 Review

Callers from all over the country join me to discuss the results of this year's NFL Draft. We give our opinions on which team came out winners and which teams wasted their time. This draft was filled with talented players and many teams took advantage of that.

Each year the NFL Draft offers an opportunity to add that "missing piece" to the puzzle that creates a championship contender. Who will be the next Patrick Mahomes or Joey Bosa?

Did Green Bay and Philadelphia both make mistakes drafting QB's as high as they did?  Will that cause controversy in the long run?

My Show Legends and others will give our two cents on how we expect things to shake out once the NFL season resumes as we get Unsportsmanlike on T2Q!

Show #785

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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Psychic Medium, Artie Hoffman

On this podcast, I have an interesting discussion with a man who uses his talents to help others better themselves. 

Duration: 39 minutes.

Enter Mr. Artie Hoffman! Artie has a ton of titles from master-level psychic medium to life intuition coach to inspirational speaker. He travels across the country to entertain and enlighten crowds as well as provide private one-on-one sessions for clients in more need of coaching.

I talk to him about how he got started getting in tuned with his spiritual side and where that has taken him. We also discuss the services that he provides for his clients and how he helps to enrich their lives. We dive into the myths of psychic abilities as he debunks the stereotypes.

You can find all things Artie at including his book "Angels and Answers".

And stay tuned as I do something different at the end of this podcast by featuring a special spoken word piece from Rasheeda Jasmine called "Peace".  You can check out Rasheeda's podcast, The Thoughts of SHE: A Poetry Podcast here.   

Enjoy this Q-on-1 podcast on another edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

Show #784

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Saturday, April 25, 2020

the Quarantine Show w/Brad Preuss & the Badman

Badman and Brad
It was a lazy Saturday during this quarantine period, so I figured that I'd hit up a couple of T2Q funny guys to entertain you all (as well as myself)!

Duration: 38 minutes.

Brad Preuss, a long-standing T2Q favorite on Twitter chimed in from Florida. And no, regardless of what you think, he is not "Florida Man".

Show Legend, Badman, makes a return appearance from Arkansas and as usual, he doesn't care what we talk about. He never has a shortage of anything to say.

It's an unorthodox show with no real topic, rhyme, or reason. Just me listening and laughing to two T2Q comedians.

the Quarantine Show on T2Q. "No experts. Just opinions comedians."

Show #783

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Actor & Model, Dale Neihaus

I'm joined in this Q-on-1 podcast by a man who brings multiple talents to the forefront. Dale Neihaus!

Duration: 29 minutes.

We discuss how he got started in his acting and modeling careers as well as what the future holds for him once COVID-19 has been eradicated and Hollywood can get back to work. On this show, we chat about the following:
  • Are there opportunities to thrive in voice acting? 
  • The advantages of being discovered in Hollywood with today's technology. 
  • What's the difference when it comes to doing theater and doing film? 
These things and more as I chat with Dale Neihaus on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! Show #782

You can learn more about Dale on his IMDB page and follow him on IG @HelpingOthersIsTheGreatest.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Do You Trust Politicians In Handling COVID-19?

This show may be the most volatile that I've done in quite some time.  The United States is so divided when it comes to political ideologies and each day the gap grows.  It's to the point that the name "United States" is an oxymoron.

Duration: 81 minutes.

What is the driving wedge between those on the Left and those on the Right?  Is it the 24-hour cable news stations pushing their agendas that's separating us?  Is it social media and their conspiracy theories and propaganda that makes us turn a deaf ear to others who may have a different perspective?  And where does it leave those of us who may fall in the middle?

On this show, we'll discuss how the government (local and national) is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.  Do conspiracy theorists think that COVID-19 is a form of "population control"?  We'll also talk about what we can do to regrow the economy after all of this is over.  Of course, there will be Trump supporters as well as Trump bashers on this show and I'll have to play referee between the sides.

Wish me luck.

the Talk 2 Q Radio Show talks politics.  "No experts.  Just opinions."

Show No. 781

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Things Women Just Don't Need from Men

Tues., Nov. 4th @ 10 PM EDT 
 Call-In #: (347) 202-0215 

Stream the show from here
(Chat room available during live airing) 

Fellas, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some of you don't have it going on as much as you think. You can dress like a celebrity, sex like a star, and you're smooth like James Bond, but will still lose your woman to an IT nerd.

Why is that? It's because you refuse to pay attention to the things that you do that drive women to drink. Well, the Show Legends and I have the remedy for your problem. There's no need to be a decent guy who can't seem to find a woman any more. You'll learn the following:
  • How to keep a woman happy. 
  • Why being wishy-washy is aggravating. 
  • Emotional stimulation and more! 
Also on the show, should a single man get a vasectomy? Why would he? We'll discuss it!

This, Zone Coverage, and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! 

"No experts. Just opinions." 

Show No. 410

Scheduled for 120 mins.

#TBT Q-on-1 w/Lisa Jey Davis aka @MsCheevious

(Originally aired May 8th, 2015)

Stream the show here!

On this special Q-on-1 podcast edition of T2Q, I chat with author, Lisa Jey Davis! What was supposed to be a YouTube video is instead a podcast thanks for my sheer genius skills as a videographer (total sarcasm right there).

Lisa recently released her newest book entitled, "Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood: My Zany Years Spent Working in Tinsel Town." The book talks about Lisa and her career working in Hollywood all while doing the single mom thing!

"Welcome to the world of Ms. Cheevious. A world where nothing is sacred or predictable. In Ms. Cheeviousland, life is a farce - at least when it's not so damn serious. In this hilarious compilation of stories, Lisa Jey navigates the minefield of her past for tales from her divorce (which unleashed her on an unsuspecting Hollywood), her family, relationships and an enviable turn working in television. Whether she's hiding from an interested suitor in a Vegas casino, her son is mistaken for a homeless guy, her best friend is forced to scrub in to help choose her boobs' implant size, or she's so tipsy, even a strip club turns her away, Lisa Jey always seems to get herself into the most ridiculous situations." 

Check out my discussion with her on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! And check out her book on Amazon

Podcast length: 32 mins.

Show No. 474

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Q-on-1 w/T.G.I.T. Creator, Tammy Leanne

I'm joined on this podcast by Ms. Tammy Leanne.  

Duration: 23 minutes.

In 2019, she almost lost her life after suffering a traumatic incident, but she was able to turn that experience into a life-changing opportunity.  So many people cannot say the same!

She brings a message of hope and inspiration to those who are going through a challenging situations in their lives.

I get the opportunity to chat with her about what she does on a daily basis to encourage people to be thankful for every waking moment.  She was reborn with a new outlook on life and started the T.G.I.T. campaign.

We'll discuss that and more on this Q-on-1 podcast of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

Show #780

To learn more about T.G.I.T. you can go to any of Tammy's social networking sites:

Facebook: Tammy
Twitter: Oola_Gal

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

"You Call Yourself A Real Man?"

You can't be an adult male and have never heard a woman uttered the title "a real man". But what exactly is "a real man" and what makes him different from a plain old "man"?

Duration: 75 minutes.

This is the definition that Urban Dictionary has for "a real man": A real man has manners, is polite, and considerate. He is honest and open and true to himself. He will fight for and defend the people that he loves. He is a hard-worker. He is not spiteful. He respects women and shows appreciation for all of his blessings. A real man is the provider of the family. He is strong, physically and mentally, and is never too proud to exhibit strong emotion. Once committed, he is faithful to only her. He does not watch porn or disrespect her in any other way. He helps with housework and is a role model for his children. A real man knows who he is, what he wants, and is grateful for what he has. 

Do you agree?  Well, I'm sure that my male Show Legends have a lot to say about that definition. This should be an interesting show, to say the least! Buckle your seat belts for this one!

the Talk 2 Q Radio Show. "No experts. Just opinions."

Show #778

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Generation X vs. Millennials

Janeecia and Imani
Are Millenials the cause of today's problems in society?  These ladies say "nope"!

Duration: 32 minutes.

As a 70's baby, I have my own personal view of the world: The way my parents raised me, the type of content that was available on TV to watch or on the radio in which to listen, the interaction with other adults in my life, like neighbors and teachers. These things and more shaped my outlook on life.

But things have changed dramatically since then. A lot of people don't have both parents present in the household like I did. The things on TV and radio now wouldn't have made it on the air back in the 70's. Neighbors are kept away from kids now and teachers and students are at war.

So, how do 20-somethings navigate society with all of the potholes in place? Where do you get educated on life lessons when there appears to be a shortage of those who can teach you?

Well, I'd like to welcome on a couple of young ladies who are currently going through this as we speak. Two Millennials.

These ladies have a new podcast called "Let's Talk 20 Somethings". It's a show that discusses a lot of topics that interests young people and gives their perspective of how they see the world.

Please welcome, Miss Imani Murray and Miss Janeecia Survillion to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Actor & Boxer, Jack O'Halloran

Listen on your favorite podcasting platform here.

He went from contending for the heayweight championship of the world in boxing to being an actor on the silver screen in Hollywood.  On this podcast, I get the opportunity to speak with one of the most interesting guests to be on my show, Jack O'Halloran!

Duration: 41 minutes.

Although he's been in many movies, most people remember him as the big, scary guy from Superman II.  His character, "Non", didn't speak, but he got his point across as he gave Superman fits throughout the movie.

But very few people know that he was a solid heavyweight who had bouts with George Foreman and Ken Norton.  And he actually had an opportunity to fight Muhammad Ali, but that fell through.  Oh, did I mention that his father was the mob boss for Murder, Inc. in the 30's and 40's?  See the story of his dad chronicled in his book, "Family Legacy" available on Amazon.

We'll discuss that as well as his time spent in Hollywood as I got Q-on-1 with the multi-talented, Jack O'Halloran.

Q-on-1 w/Crisis Coach, Scott Silverman

He's a CNN Hero of the Week Award recipient and the CEO of Confidential Recovery, San Diego's premier outpatient treatment facility. With over 30 years of continuous recovery himself, T2Q welcomes Mr. Scott Silverman to a Q-on-1 discussion about substance abuse and depression.

Duration: 37 minutes.

Scott and I discuss how the mandatory quarantines from COVID-19 are affecting those who battle with alcoholism, drub abuse, and depression.  The suicide rate has increased since the pandemic started and people like Scott are on the frontline to help those in need.

We discuss his background and how he overcame his personal demons.  I probe him to find out what inspired him to help others get clean.  I also get him to break down the ins and outs of an intervention.  Is it just like we see on reality TV?  We also talk about his book which you can find at the link under his photo.

These things and more as I give you another Q-on-1 discussion with another intriguing and insightful guest!

Show #776

You can call or text Scott at (619) 993-2738 or go to!

Get his book here!

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