Thursday, July 29, 2021

DaBaby, Simone Biles, Relationship Deal Breakers! Oh, My!

I was a guest of the Queen on Royal Tea TV and I had a blast! 

Watch the unedited full episode on YouTube here or scroll down.

Queen Cole rolled out the red carpet for me, Derrick from Relationship Gumbo and Erica of Dope Discussions w/Erica to join her in discussing a plethora of topics trending in the headlines and more!
  • Did DaBaby make amends for the homophobic things he said?
  • Was Simone Biles within her rights to take a "mental health break" from the Olympics?
  • Is it a deal breaker if a family member crosses you?
  • Can you ban gossip in the work place?
We had a great time doing the show and you will definitely be entertained!  Be sure to subscribe to Royal Tea TV and follow everyone on Instagram below:

Queen Cole - @1QueenCole

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

What Does "WYD?" Mean?

Why are some people so horrible when it comes to communicating?

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Ladies, how many times have you received that late night text from a guy asking, "WYD"?  What does that mean exactly?  Is he truly interested in what you are doing?  Does he just want conversation?  Is he trying to creep over for a sexual encounter?

Technology makes it easy for us to connect to one another, but harder to figure out what the composer of a message/status update wants from us at times.  On this show, I'll ask my guest panelists and Show Legend their thoughts on what "WYD?" means to them.

the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.  "No experts.  Just opinions."

Show #950

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Why Would A Guy Give A Girl Money?

Is it so bad for a man to give his lady money every now and then? 

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Some guys will go on eBay and buy designer shoes at astronomical prices. Some guys will buy a PS5 with all of the extras and drop a grip on it. Some guys will go to the club and “buy the bar” for their friends.  But let their woman ask them for $20 and they have to think about it. 

Why is that?  Why is it a sin for some guys to give a woman money? 

Do we not value our women?  As men, shouldn't we just make sure we handle business when it comes to keeping our women happy and not worry about the details?

We’ll take a progressive look of men giving money to women on this episode of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.  "No experts. Just opinions."  

Show #949

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Why Has America Stopped Working?

So, what is the umeployment compensation everyone is talking about?  And is it the reason companies can't seem to find enough staff these days?

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Fast food restaurants, hotels and more appear to be struggling to find enough people to employ.  Has society's attitude towards working changed due to low wages?  Have more people chose to go the entrepreneur route during quarantine?  Or maybe America is just lazy and the pandemic exposed that horrible truth.

Whatever it may be, my roundtable of guests and I will discuss it on this episode of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.  "No experts.  Just opinions."

Show #948

Sunday, July 11, 2021

How Do You Tell Your Mate That The Love is Gone?

I am back on the Dope Discussions With Erica show!  I'm honored to make yet another return to join Erica and Gator to discuss a relationship topic about break ups.

Watch the unedited full episode on YouTube Live here or scroll down.

How do you know when the love is gone and the relationship is over? 

Do you sit your partner down and tell them how you feel or do you keep going through the motions hoping that the love will come back?  How do you look someone in the eye and tell them that you don't love them anymore when they are not ready to let go? 

Erica and Gator bring on a panel of men and women who will share their experiences and perspectives on this topic.  And I'm one of those people!  

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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Are You Responsible Or Just Cheap?

What's the thin line between being with someone who is financially-responsible as opposed to someone who is just flat-out cheap?

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We all would love to settle down with someone who is good with money.  But what if they're a little too good with money?  

  • Are there signs on a first date that clues you into your significant other's spending preferences?
  • Does a person not spending money on you make you feel less valuable as a significant other?
  • How do you determine if you're the problem by having unrealistic expectations or if they are indeed cheap?
My callers and Show Legends will discuss these things and more on this episode of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

Show #947