Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Can Long Distant #Relationships Ever Work?

Tuesday, Dec. 30th @ 10 PM EDT 

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Just about all of us at some point of our lives have fallen for someone who isn't local. Maybe it was a summer love who stayed with his/her grandmother for a few months, but ultimately had to return home. Or maybe someone you met in college who had to return out of state after graduation.

What do you do? Do you call it quits? Do you try to compete with the people vying for their attention locally? Will it ultimately affect your trust or have an affect on your bank account from traveling? Most people think that it's impossible to maintain a long distance relationship for long term.

I'll bounce some questions on this topic off of my Show Legends and my Twitter followers (the Q Live Crew) to see what they think.

Also, we'll discuss the pros and cons of "dry counties" during a little political talk on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

"No experts. Just opinions." 

Show No. 426 (Zone Coverage #425)

Show scheduled for 90 mins.

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