Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Real Men Seek: Tiffany Maberry

I started following Tiffany's blog in the late spring. I came across her site from Charli's blog at Man, Wife & Dog. She's a married 20-something living in the ATL.

What prompted me to follow her blog was the variety of entertainment contained on it. The Chocolate Knot is a blog site that gives you a real-life view to what Tiffany thinks a marriage should be. She's not a paid professional giving psychological tips on how to better your relationship or anything. She's simply someone who is essentially saying, "look, this makes sense, so why not try it?"

And that's why I love following her blog! My personal favorite post of hers is, "Are You Always a Lady in Front of Your Man?" Although some of it is tongue-in-cheek, it brings up something that I think escapes the consciousness of some women: You were a "lady" when he met you, so doesn't it take remaining a "lady" for him to keep you?

Her blog also details the story of how she married her husband and it contains plenty of photos dating back to their wedding/honeymoon even up to today to a recent Halloween party they attended. So, you can truly get to know her and her husband along with reading other informative posts.

Tiffany Maberry truly represents what real men seek: insight, common sense, a willingness to compromise and dedication.

Here is an excerpt from one of her blog posts that discusses how romance can quickly flee the bedroom! It's titled: "He Knows He's Not Getting Laid When..."

Please continue to her site to finish reading the post and follow her blog while you're there. You'll be a better person and will find yourself a step closer to being what real men seek.

"I was reading The Housewife Blog the other day. She was explaining how putting her retainer in at night is a clear sign to her hubby that he will "knot" be getting lucky that night.

  So that made me think... what other ways do we signal to our men that tonight is "knot" the night?

(Disclaimer - I'm not saying I'm guilty of any of these. I'm just saying...)"

Be sure to go here for the rest of her blog post and a list of things that let's him know that he's "knot" getting any that night.  LOL!  I shouldn't be laughing because I've been a victim of a couple of them.

Lastly, check out my interview with her back on July 7th.

You can follow Tiffany on Twitter or Like the The Chocolate Knot Fan Page on Facebook.

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