Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Legalize Prostitution?

M&M has been hinting at this for weeks, so it's time to give him the stage. Prostitution has been around since cockroaches. Is it time to retire the pimp and allow these ladies to be employed by a CEO instead?

We'll discuss if the oldest profession should be legalized in the U.S. and how it could change society.

-Would it eliminate gold diggers?
-Would it be okay for politicians to "pay to play?"
-Would it put strip / night clubs out of business?

All of this and more on #T2Q!

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  1. I am never able to tune into the show, but I would like to throw my pennies version in. I think prostitution should be legal in more areas of the country, and as long as they are tested regularly and don't carry things that soap doesn't wash off I am good with that.

    It would take some of the pressure off me to perform certain acts that I don't give a shit to do! I know he likes it, but I am selfish and don't want to do it. She can take care of those things and I can go about doing the things I want with my time.

    The money will still come home to me, and he can get a little strange which keeps him out of my hair! WIN WIN!

  2. Sorry that you're not able to tune in. The podcast is always available in iTunes or on this site if you care to listen.

    I'll have to reference your comment on the show! It's great! LOL! Look at you being selfish! LOL! :)


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