Thursday, August 18, 2011

Real Men Seek: Chaplain Donna

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I started following Chaplain Donna's blog about a year ago. She's a single mother living in the state of Michigan and was once a hospital chaplain.

What prompted me to follow her blog was the strength she displayed in each of her posts. Empowered Peace is a blog site that details how Chaplain Donna believes in focusing on her faith and self-improvement to help change the world around her. Chaplain Donna isn't about pointing the finger at other people. She realizes that in the seemingly-infinite task of trying to make the world better, she must first start with herself.

I've always described her as "First Lady material." The insightful thinking, class and demeanor she possesses is equivalent to a person of royalty. Also, whenever I read her blog, I can truly say that I learn something. Not just something about her, but something about myself as I start to think, "how would I have handled that situation?"

Chaplain Donna truly represents what real men seek: strength, courage, widsom and class.

Here is an excerpt from one of her blog posts that inspires women to be true to themselves. Please continue to her site to finish the post and follow her blog while you're there. You'll be a better person and will find yourself a step closer to being what real men seek.

"A one dimensional person is lying to themselves. No one is all good all the time. As a woman I thought it was my place be good, even during my years of being a "bad girl" I still had a persona within my group as a "good girl." There were certain lines I did not cross because I needed to be "good."

 What is a good girl or person? A person that lives their lives believing they are walking a saint. They do everything to live up to society's definition of a good woman. They continually deny their true feelings and act upon being liked by others. It is a life full of artificial connections, fake smiles and suppressed emotions. The "good girl" must die!"

Be sure to go here for the rest of her blog post. Lastly, check out my interview with her back on March 27th.

You can follow Chaplain Donna on Twitter or like the Empowered Peace fan page on Facebook.

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