Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perpetuating Stereotypes

This is, by far, our most controversial and heated show ever.

On show #47, we'll discuss how TV perpetuates stereotypes. 

All women are catty (thanks to reality shows)

All white people in Mississippi are racists (thanks to movies)

All defendants are guilty (thanks to Nancy Grace types)

And more...

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From the Thank, Q blog:

Can we please stop with the Mississippi movies on racism? There's more to my home state than this. I'm sure my tweet homie, CIH8U2, can back me up on this. Is it possible to shoot a movie in Mississippi that doesn't involve racism? And no, "Biloxi Blues" doesn't count! For every "My Dog Skip," there is "Mississippi Burning" and a "Ghosts of Mississippi." Heck, even "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" had an appearance by the KKK.

I've lived in Mississippi for almost 40 years. Does racism still exist? Yes. Do the aforementioned movies represent life in Mississippi before 1970? Yes. I'm not denying that it happened and that it should some how be swept under the rug.

I'm just saying can we be about something other than racism for a change?

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