Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bye-Bye Bad Relationships (30 Minutes to Love?!)

Most people don't want to make the same mistakes again (shocking, right?), and the truth is, you shouldn't have to keep making the same mistakes. So, that's why we're help, to help you move from that bad, unfiulfilling "situation," to something meaningful.

WhatTheLove™ is here to help you mend it...or end it, because if it's not working for you…then something needs to happen.

One more thing...our top coach is also Director Marketing for new dating site, MeetJuliet.com...so why not visit the site and start your search for a new love TODAY!

This workshop isn't for everybody. This is only for people who are ready to take control, make changes, and get the love that they deserve.

Is this you?

This 30-minute workshop (with Q&A) is designed to help you avoid bad relationships...period! No more crying, whining and having conversations about what he or she didn't do. You are now equipped with the tools to make the decisions that are the best for you...even if that includes saying, "good bye!"

What is the biggest challenge in dating? According to a survey we conducted, it is the desire to avoid making the same mistakes. However, it is these mistakes that tether us to people who will, eventually, cause us to regard relationships as a bad thing, as we reflect on bad memory, after bad memory, and wonder why we stayed so long.

Again, this workshop is only for people who are ready to make changes.

If this you...we look forward to seeing (hearing) you on October 24th!

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