Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Man Training 101

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This show has been needed for a minute, but now it's here. The guys and I will throw on our lab coats and break down the science of being a man to some of you who haven't a clue of what it is.

Man training is something every male should receive and given today's society, where women are trying to raise men, it's not happening as it should.

We'll break down the following and more:

How to treat a woman
Being a parent
Being a leader and protector of the household and more!

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  1. Why? We think its cute or he's getting it at a young age. NO!!!!WHY

  2. Why do kids miss out on the training? It's because guys my age (late 30's and up) dropped the ball. We were a selfish generation that didn't believe in passing down lessons because we had too many things we wanted to be doing instead. It's sad.


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