Sunday, January 3, 2016

Changes in 2016 for T2Q!

The new year is bringing about some changes to the show, but let me start with what's going to remain the same first: the show will remain on the air for live shows on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 PM Eastern Time.  At least twice per week, and sometimes with an occasional bonus podcast, you'll get to enjoy the Talk 2 Q Radio Show as you normally do.  

So, what's changing?

On Tuesdays, you'll get hot button discussions on relationships, current events, politics, sex, race relations and more!  The normal round table discussions will remain intact and the show will be exclusively dedicated to those type of topics.

On Wednesdays, you'll get Zone Coverage on T2Q!  Yes, the sport show will have its own dedicated night to discuss nothing but sports!  No longer will sports fans have to wait until the end of a show in order to get their sports fix because there will now be an exclusive night for Zone Coverage!

On (random) Thursdays, you'll be treated to podcasts which will include Q-on-1 discussions.  These podcasts will normally feature a guest discussing an interesting topic that affects their life or could affect ours as well.  There will also be podcasts that feature just me giving commentary on a particular topic.  I've had people request that I share my view points more on certain subjects, so I will give my opinions on various topics.

Even as the Talk 2 Q Radio Show approaches its 5th birthday the show is still evolving!  Stay tuned as I do my best to continue to give you an entertaining array of topics for you to voice your opinion.  The platform is still yours on T2Q and that is something that will never change!

Happy New Year!

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