Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NFL Conference Championship '16 Wrap Up

Broncos vs. Panthers!

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We'll wrap up the Conference Championships and preview Super Bowl L! And yes, I refuse to stop using Roman numerals!

Payton Manning gets over on Tom Brady once again. Although it appears that Brady has had the most success against Payton, it's Payton who as had the most recent post season success. Payton Manning out played Tom Brady and Wade Phillips out schemed Bill Belichick. Could Payton ride off in the sunset a la John Elways on 2/7?

In the NFC, Cam Newton and the Panthers destroyed the Arizona Cardinals. Carson Palmer picked the wrong week to have the worst game of his career. It was his best opportunity at a shot at a Super Bowl ring and he laid an egg. Mistakes made on offense, defense, and special teams cost the Cardinals the game pretty early in this one. Cam dabbed his way into a shot at a Super Bowl championship to go with his BCS Championship.

This and more as we get into some Zone Coverage on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "Talk sports from the couch."

Show No. 562

Scheduled for 90 mins.

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