Sunday, January 24, 2021

Spice Up Valentine's Day

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Looking for Valentine's Day ideas?  XI Lingerie and CiCi Pleasure Box can ignite the passion in your relationship!

Duration: 20 minutes.

Chanera Cotlage is the owner of XI Lingerie and CiCi Pleasure Box in Las Vegas.  Her and I will discuss how she took an idea and turned it into a business.  The mind of an entrepreneur never ceases to fascinate me, so I love having on these type of guests.

I try to probe their minds to figure out what makes them think so far outside of the box when compared to other people.  Chanera will share with me how her vision started and where she wants to go.  And in the interim, you can learn how you can score some hot, new items just in time for Valentine's Day weekend!

Valentine's Day relies so much on the art of seduction and XI Lingerie and CiCi Pleasure Box can help you bring some of your wildest fantasies to reality!

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