Thursday, January 28, 2021

Q-on-1 w/Actor, Ciera Payton

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The star of Lifetime's "Wendy Williams: The Movie", Ciera Payton, is my TBT show this week.

Duration: 44 minutes.

(Show # 274 originally aired October 8, 2013).

Ciera Payton joined me to discuss not just her budding acting career at the time, but also the special relationship that she had with her father who was imprisoned.

The New Orleans native talked about overcoming poverty, Hurricane Katrina, and her father being in jail.  All of this while on her journey to being in films and movies.  Her story is an inspirational one as she tells us how her acting career came to be and how she made the most of her oppotunities to grow her career.

When I saw her name pop up on my TV screen for playing the role of Wendy Williams in the talk show host's biopic, I immediately smiled.  The only question that came to mind as I saw her was, "what took Hollywood so long to give Ciera a leading role?"

Take a listen to the interview and I know that you will enjoy and root for her just as much as I do!

Enjoy this Throwback Thursday edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

Show #904

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