Saturday, June 26, 2021

Bridging The Gap (Between Police & Community)

Officer Lemar Gordon rejoins the show to discuss how we can bridge the gap between law enforcement and the citizens.

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There's not enough conversation between the community and the police and that's a problem.  Your opinion of the police department may vary based on your experiences, race, religion, location and more.  

So, I asked Lemar to come back on the show to have another discussion about basic questions people have about the police.  The media puts everything they do under a microscope these days and we rarely hear from both the police and citizens simultaneously.  

M&M joins the discussion as we have a candid discussion about why it appears the police don't "police" each other, decisions that are made on high-speed chases and more.  This is a very interesting show that opened my eyes to a lot of things I never considered simply by having a conversation.

Show #945

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