Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Do Revolutionaries Go To Heaven?

I have a great discussion with world traveler and historian, Taye Uhuru.

Watch the unedited YouTube Live version here.

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcasting platform here.

Taye Uhuru is a man driven to help others reclaim something that black people lost a long time ago...

Our history.

I truly enjoyed speaking with him about the many things he's done in his life from visiting approximately 70 different countries, starting a music career that promotes blackness, writing a book on an important group from the 60's, as well as promoting food drives, educational seminars and other things across the globe.

Be sure to stayed tuned until the end of the interview and enjoy his song, "Do Revolutionaries Go To Heaven?".  

You will have a healthy appreciation for this young man after listening to this Q-on-1 interview on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.  

You can follow Taye at www.CampCleveland.org.

Show #941


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