Thursday, March 17, 2022

Why Men LOSE INTEREST in Women? @RTRLRadio

I was beyond honored to join the homie's platform on the Right To Real Love Show on YouTube!  

The show host, J. Immanuel (Jay Mayo), and I go back almost a decade in this podcast game and each communication with him is a positive, uplifting and insightful one.  He sent the invite to join his Men Chat series on the show and I jumped at the chance to chop it up with him and four other insightful brothers!  

We all discussed our experiences in dating about what has caused us to lose interest in women.  Was it a change in appearance?  Did she lack effort?  Was she a bad parent?  Or were we never really interested in the first place?

So many answers were revealed and this is not a show that any woman, single or otherwise, needs to ignore!

I truly hope that you enjoy this show as it was a great experience for me that I hope I get an opportunity to repeat!

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