Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Makers

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After watching "20/20" last week, I came across something interesting. Free sperm donors! You heard that right. A website of 7,000+ members who meet up across the country to help babies be born.

We'll discuss the different methods used of inseminating. Some ladies call the men, meet them in a public/private place, let me man "obtain a sample" in the bathroom and then break out the turkey baster. Others allow "natural insemination" and let the men get their "bang on."

At what age do you think it's too old to have kids? Is there a point where a person should absolutely think that having a newborn is a bad idea?

Should a high school be allowed to test girls"suspected" of being pregnant and kicking them out if confirmed?

We'll also get into a relationship topic, current event discussions and more on T2Q!

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