Monday, August 12, 2013

Defend Your Woman's Honor

Tue., Aug. 13th @ 10 PM ET 
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Do women expect that these days?  Do they really look for someone to defend their honor when harassed?

With equality movements and same-sex dating coming to the forefront more than ever these days, does a woman still expect someone to defend her honor when harassed?

We'll discuss that and we'll also get into Sharon Osbourne's recent interview when she said that Justin Beiber "doesn't realize that he's white and not black." Was it wrong of her to insinuate that his bad behavior comes from "acting black?"

Lastly, do you get upset when your co-workers bring you fund raiser catalogs from their kids' school?   Who is responsible for that anyway?  The parent or the child?

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Show No. 252

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