Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#Sex XII: Ho, Ho, Ho feat. @DirtyinPublic & @VanityStrokes

Tue., Dec. 17th @ 10 PM EST 
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The 12th installment of Let's Talk About Sex discusses how sex intertwines with money!

There is a new movie coming out at Christmas called "Nymphomaniac." It will take A-List celebreties and use them in sex scenes. That's not unusual, but the difference is that the director will use stars actually having sex and super-imposing the bodies onto the celebs. I've heard of stunt doubles, but is the world ready for "sex doubles?" We'll discuss it.

Also, the main topic of tonight's show is how sex and money mixes. We have the traditional and illegal form in prostitution, but we'll break down how dating can resemble hooking if people take the wrong approach.

I'll also ask my Show Legends and callers about why escorting is legal, but prostitution is illegal.

Marrie Lobel makes a return to the show and I'll also be joined by first-timer, Vanity Strokes!

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