Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pet Peeves: Dating with Animals

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We've discussed single parents dating dilemmas on previous shows, but never have we taken this route.  What if you're the parent of something that's not a kid?

Is it difficult for pet owners to date just as it is for single parents to date?

Now when I say "pet owners," I'm not talking about the guy down the street who keeps the pit bull chained to his broken down '81 Buick.  I'm talking about the person who takes their pet everywhere, treats it like family, and maybe even allows it to sleep in bed with them.

Could that be a deal breaker for some?  Would you shy away from a person who treats their pet like... like... a person?

We'll discuss that as well as dive into Colorado's new marijuana laws.  You can legally buy marijuana there, but just what does this law mean for the state of Colorado?  Will crime go down?  Will traffic violations go up?

Lastly, can a person ever pay too much child support?  Well, a judge in Houston named Lisa Millard seems to think so after sentencing a man to six months in jail for doing so.  Is the judge at fault for the sentence or is the ex-wife at fault for even taking the guy to court?

These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

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